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Can You Have a Belly Button Repierced?

Dear Belly Bling:

Can I have my belly button repierced if I don’t like where the current hole is? 

- Curious in California

piercing1Yes! If you’re unsatisfied with the current placement you can have your belly button repierced.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind…

Even if you’re aiming for a different location of the hole, your new piercing may still cross paths with your old scar tissue. Unfortunately, like getting a tattoo cover-up, it hurts more to pierce scar tissue. That said, odds are if you didn’t mind getting your belly button pierced the first time then you probably won’t find having your belly button repierced as too painful. It’s just something to be aware of.

Also, be sure to take care of your first hole as you let it close up. Any piercing you get, ear, eyebrow, belly button, etc., will leave a scar. The good news is that that scar will be minimal (like a small freckle) as long as you protect the hole. Make sure your old belly piercing stays clean as it closes up. You won’t want to show off the new navel piercing if it’s outshined by a scar!

One more thing before you consider having your belly button belly image of belly button ring from bellybling.netbutton repierced, the old piercing isn’t the only hole you’ll want to take care of. Since you’ve already had your belly button pierced, you probably know it takes approximately nine months to heal. During that time you should avoid swimming and other activities that put the piercing at risk of infection. In addition, you need to clean your hole daily when it’s first pierced. Getting a new piercing is a commitment. Be certain you’re up for the maintenance before you remove the belly ring from the original piercing.

It’s also important to note that each body and piercing are different. While it shouldn’t be a problem, ultimately your piercing artist will let you know if he/she foresees any complications with have your belly button re-pierced.

Good luck!

What’s the Difference between 14 Gauge and 16 Gauge Belly Button Rings?

Dear Belly Bling:

I’ve noticed both 14 gauge and 16 gauge belly button rings. What’s the difference? 

-Observant in Orlando

image of 16 gauge belly ring from Bellybling.netAh yes… what a great question! You are right; some belly rings are marked as 14 gauge, while others may be specifically listed as 16 gauge belly button rings.

Belly button piercings are a little more complicated than traditional ear lob piercings. Instead of thinking of it like getting your ears pierced, think of it more like putting gauges in your ears. There are many different belly ring options, and they come in several different gauge sizes.

On average gauge sizes range from 12 to 24, but the measurements aren’t what you’d expect. A 12 gauge isn’t 12 millimeters or 1/12 of an inch, it’s actually 2 millimeters and 5/64 of an inch. Also, while you would think that a 24 gauge is the largest available, it’s actually the smallest. The numbers go backwards so the closer it is to zero, the bigger the hole.

When you go to get your piercing it’s important to talk with the piercing artist about what size piercing needle he/she is using. Most naval piercings are done with a 14 gauge needle, meaning the jewelry you pick out will also need to be a 14 gauge. Though 14 gauges are the most common, your piercing artist may also use a 16 gauge needle. 16 is fine, but the artist shouldn’t use a size smaller (18 gauge) than that. If he wants to pierce you with an 18 gauge needle, you should find another artist!

Since 14 is the most common size for a naval piercing there is a greater selection of belly bling for this gauge than other sizes. However, 16 gauge naval piercings are gaining in popularity, and there are a lot of 16 gauge options too.

As with any piercing, you should give the hole time to heal before switching out the jewelry. Once your piercing is completely healed, if you want, you can stretch out a 16 gauge hole to fit 14 gauge jewelry (the process is similar to stretching out your ear lobe piercing).

The opposite is also true. You can wear a 16 gauge belly button ring in a 14 gauge hole. The trick is to make sure you’ve had the piercing long enough so as not to risk the hole closing up.

So which size of a gauge should your piercing be done with, 14 or 16? The answer is either! Just be aware of what size your gauge is when you’re shopping for jewelry. It is also a good idea to look online and in stores to make sure you can find jewelry you like that will fit your gauge.

Are Plastic Belly Rings Safe for a Navel Piercing?

Dear Belly Bling:

“This may be a dumb question, but are plastic belly rings safe for a belly piercing?”

-Curious in Cleveland

From our plastic belly rings collection at BellyBling.netWe love getting questions about the different types of body jewelry, like plastic belly button rings! It’s important to ask these things before switching your jewelry out to ensure that you don’t run in to any trouble down the line.

Although plastic belly rings were once considered only as pregnancy belly rings or maternity belly rings because of their ability to stretch and adjust, plastic belly button rings are now making a name for themselves as BioFlex, PTFE, and Biopierce because of the awesome benefits for even the non-expecting.

One of the most common problems people have with body piercings is their skin’s sensitivity to the metal (mainly nickel) in the jewelry. Flexible tubing, on the other hand, is great for nearly any piercing because it is completely metal-free! This means less stress on your body and a shorter healing time.

Created by a piercer for piercers, plastic jewelry is made from medical-grade plastic. Not only is flexible tubing the perfect alternative for someone who is allergic to metal, but it is also hypo-allergenic. This means plastic belly rings are less likely to cause allergic reactions on belly piercings.

Better yet, since you can adjust the size of the tubing it makes up for the slight swelling you may experience with a new piercing.

Enough of the medical benefits, there are also lots of physical advantages to wearing plastic body jewelry! First off, the plastic is flexible; it will move with your body. This is great for people with an active lifestyle, such as sports enthusiasts.

Another way flexible tubing is more comfortable than metal is the temperature. As anyone who has touched a seat belt knows, metal heats up in the summer and cools down in the winter. However, plastic is more resistant to the heat and cold. This temperature resistance also comes in handy for sterilization, since you can boil the plastic.

Visually, plastic belly rings are great for when you want to show off or hide your belly bling. Plastic piercing retainer from our plastic belly rings collection at BellyBling.netA plastic piercing retainer is perfect if you need to draw attention away from your piercing but want to keep the hole from closing. Simply cut it to size and you’re good to go.

And for those of you with other piercings you may need to hide for a job interview or special occasion, plastic piercing retainers are also available for nose, eyebrow, tongue, labret, and lip piercings.

As you can see, there are many benefits to wearing plastic belly rings. We say, go for it!



How often do you need to clean a new belly ring piercing?

Dear Belly Bling:

“I’d like to get my belly button pierced this summer. How many times a day will I need to clean the belly ring piercing in the first few weeks?”

-A navel-piercing newbie

piercing1This is a great question! It always helps to be informed about the care of a belly ring piercing before you actually have it done.

For medical-based questions such as these, we always refer to guidelines from the American Association of Professional Piercers (APP).

According to APP, you can use a fragrance free mild liquid soap or a packaged additive-free sterile saline solution. When using soap, one that’s an anti-microbial or germicidal is best. For the saline solution, you can mix your own by dissolving ¼ tsp. non-iodized sea salt in 8 oz. of warm bottled or distilled water.

The saline rinse can be used as a soak for 5-10 minutes a day (just lean over, place the cup over the piercing, and while holding the cup in place, lay down). You can also soak a gauze pad in the solution and place that on your piercing. Rinse with plain distilled or bottled water after to clean off any salt residue.

If you choose to use soap, don’t clean it more than 1-2 times a day.  It’s best to use it in the shower rather than the bath tub, as bath water can retain bacteria.

After cleaning, dry the piercing with paper towels or napkins. Regular towels can snag on the piercing and can also spread bacteria.

A few things to avoid during the healing process: hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, harsh/abrasive soaps, ointments, and lotions. Also avoid over-cleaning a new piercing as it can irritate the hole and the surrounding skin which will delay the healing.

With summer here, it’s super important to avoid lakes, rivers, hot tubs, pools, etc. that are not hygienic. If you will be in the water, protect your piercing with a waterproof bandage.

We strongly suggest you have your piercing done by a professional piercer; he or she will also have advice to ensure the piercing heals nicely.

Most importantly, the belly ring your piercer uses during the procedure is designed for safety so be sure and keep it in for the amount of time he or she suggests.

Once it’s healed, it’s best to stick with lighter weight, non-dangle belly rings and gradually work up to wearing heavier dangling belly rings and top down belly rings.

Good luck!


Can I Wear A Belly Ring While Pregnant?

Pregnancy Belly Ring

Dear Belly Bling,

I have my belly pierced, but now that I’m pregnant, I’m wondering if I can still wear my old belly button rings?

-Mama’s Belly

Baby on Board Pregnancy Belly Ring

Baby on Board

Dear Mama’s Belly,

First, congratulations! Every new Mama with a belly piercing wonders the same thing. The good news is that yes, you can still wear a belly ring even as your tummy grows to accommodate your new little baby girl or new little baby boy.

Lots of changes are coming down the turnpike for you, Mama Belly. Not only are lots of changes happening to your body, but lots of emotional fluctuations might be occurring simultaneously. Change is a normal part of motherhood. Change is always happening to a Mom-To-Be, but change is also the norm for a mom of a toddler, a preschooler, or a tween. It’s one of those things that you have to adjust and accept as part of the joy of that little bundle that is on her way.

Pearl Flexible Belly Ring

Pearl Pregnancy Belly Ring

One of the physical changes that can impact your belly button ring is that expanding belly. Sometimes, for some people, their old belly rings fit just fine and no new rings are needed. Some people find, however, that their sensitivities all over their body has increased, including their navel piercing area. If your skin seems more prone to itchiness or rashes or simple dry skin, then change might be a good thing. Changing to a pregnancy belly ring might be the way to go. Pregnancy belly rings are often more flexible, which means they grow with you as your tummy and your baby grow! Maternity belly rings are often made with hypoallergenic materials for less skin irritation. So, you can feel comfy and feel secure in your state of mind that you are wearing the right pregnancy belly ring.

light up the night, baby

glitter and glow in the dark maternity belly ring

What you don’t want to do when with your belly piercing while you are pregnant is take your belly ring out and not put another one back in for 9 months. The problem with this, is your body may try to close up the pierced navel if no belly jewelry is worn at all. Do you remember how long it took to finalize that healed belly piercing? You don’t want to have to re-pierce your belly button all over again, if you don’t have to do so. Sometimes, not always because everyone is different, but scar tissue can form where a piercing has been made. If you have to re-pierce your navel all over again, it may be more difficult for your professional piercer. Remember to ALWAYS use a professional piercer when you get your belly button pierced. You can get your belly button pierced again, but save yourself from having to do a do-over if you can. You’ll save the hassle and some money by keeping a maternity navel ring in place during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Belly Ring with Baby Feet

Do you hear the pitter patter of little baby feet?

Plus, here is the BEST part! You get to shop for more ultra-chic and oh-baby, oh-so-much fun pregnancy belly button rings! Oooo-la-la! Now, that wasn’t so hard was it? Check out our favorite maternity belly button rings that are just perfect for Mother’s Day or any day!


Hypoallergenic Belly Button Ring

Nickel-Free Belly Ring

Dear Belly Bling: New Belly Button Piercing & Healing

Change out your old belly ring for this new hot pink bling.

New Hot Pink Belly Ring

Dear Belly Bling, 

How long do I have to wait before I can change my belly ring?

-New Belly Ring Girl

Swap out your belly ring for this Circle Dangling Bead Belly Ring

Dear New Belly Ring Girl,

First, congratulations on your new belly ring!

It can take 3-12 months for a belly button piercing to completely heal. It varies from person to person. This does not mean you can’t shop for belly rings while you wait for the pierced belly button to finish healing! Some of our newest belly rings that we are excited about should keep you entertained while you wait.

Here are some signs that you are going to look for in order to determine if your new piercing has healed enough to change out the belly ring. There should be no crusting at the piercing site. You should be able to freely spin or move the belly ring around without it “sticking” or “pulling” on the healed skin around the site. If your belly button piercing has not completely healed yet, the tissue around the belly ring will still be slightly swollen and may still be developing a crust wear the ring inserts into your belly button. Make sure to follow all of your piercer’s advice on maintaining the piercing site and keeping the area clean.

When the time comes, and you are ready to change out your belly ring for another, make sure that the new ring has been sanitized and that the area around your piercing as well as your hands are clean. If an infection or oozing of any fluids develops, then, make sure to have your doctor take a look at it just to rule out possible infections. If you have waited patiently (we know it is hard!) you should be able to easily slide your old belly ring out and even clean the area in the shower with simple soap and water. Then, insert your newest and most fashionable belly ring into place and enjoy!

Happy Belly Ring Shopping,

The Belly Bling Fashionistas


Dear Belly Bling: Allergies, Colds, & Nose Rings

There she blows! Even with a nose ring.

Hot Nose Rings

Nose Rings & Allergies?

Dear Belly Bling,

I want to get my nose pierced but I’m worried that because I have allergies, I won’t be able to blow my nose. How do you clear out your sinuses with a nose ring?

- Sneezy Bling Girl

bless you

ach-hoo via dainty blooms

Dear Sneezy Bling Girl,

We are thrilled to tell you that yes, you can get your nose pierced even if you have allergies. Obviously, as with anything that involves your body, you can reassure yourself if you are really worried about it by clearing it with your family doctor first. However, most of us here at Belly Bling have allergies or get colds and we love our nose rings!

First, don’t get your nose pierced during peak allergy season, just to make things easier. After you get your nose pierced your immune system is working hard as your nose heals, so, it doesn’t make sense to get the piercing when your body is going to be working hard dealing with the sneezes and itchy eyes of peak allergy or flu season. Instead, get your nose pierced when the worst of it is over.

Yes, you can blow your nose and have your nose pierced! You do want to be careful in the initial few weeks after first getting your nose pierced – gentle there she blows! However, after that, it’s really quite easy to blow your nose. Some people just move the ring or the stud to the side and some people simply blow their noses without thinking about it. You’ll find out that it’s not that big of a deal once you get use to it all.

Get inspired to get your nose pierced with some of our favorite nose ring fashion must haves!

Blessings and Bling,

Belly Bling

bless you jewelry

bless you via Julian Gray

Question of the Week: Flat Tummy

Flat Tummy Confidence Confidential

Emma Watson Image by JustJaredJr

Dear Belly Bling,

I have a lot of friends who play sports or take dance classes to stay fit. Showing off a flat tummy for one of my friends seems easy for them. I don’t play sports or take dance. I worry I’m not thin enough to show off my new belly piercing like they do. I want to but I’m scared.

-Shy Belly Girl

Dear Shy Belly Girl,

We all know what it’s like to feel shy sometimes. We agree that staying active is one good step towards staying healthy. Bodies come in different shapes and sometimes how active you are doesn’t have anything to do with a flat tummy or buff muscles.

Anyone can stay healthy and they don’t have to take dance or play soccer to do it. Although playing sports or taking dance can be a fun way to stay fit. If you don’t like those activities there are other ways to stay healthy and maybe even keep a flat tummy. Walking, hiking, biking, or even try taking a Zumba class, which is not your traditional ballet dance class, but a fun way to stay fit while listening to amazing music! Or don’t worry about what others may think of your athletic abilities and try to play a sport recreationally, not competitively and see if you can’t build up some healthy movement into your life as well as build up your confidence.

Even if you choose to do none of these activities, you can find other ways to boost your self confidence. First of all, don’t focus on your friends. Don’t even focus on your tummy. You can wear a belly button ring under your shirt just as easily as you can when you bare your abs. Wearing a pretty belly button ring can make you feel more confident. Remember, some people like big hair, big flair, and flashy navel rings. That’s great. It’s just as great being more subtle and thoughtful. Some people are just as beautiful with a small gem belly ring. If you wear your belly ring under a shirt, you can choose who you want to show off your belly button ring to and where as well as when. Part of staying healthy is to remember to keep both your body and your mind fit as well as happy!

Emma Watson as seen in the photo above walks with confidence baring her flat tummy. However, we think she was just as cool and confident while playing the brainiac in all those Harry Potter flicks. The important thing is to appreciate yourself and don’t worry about what others think. Instead, have fun, smile, walk with confidence and we bet other’s will take note and smile back at you.

Sweet Bling,

Belly Bling


Belly Button Rings for Sale

Belly Button Rings for Sale

Dear Belly Bling,

I’m a big fan of your beautiful belly bling! I’m looking to save money. Do you have any belly button rings for sale that can save me some big money but get me some awesome bling?

Bling#1 Fan

Dear Bling#1 Fan,

We have brilliant bling in our Close-Out Belly Button Rings for Sale section of our website. Belly button rings for sale at awesome close-out prices which saves you big money. Do you know what saving big money means for you? We think it means you can buy even more cheap belly button rings! For sale, for sure! We love sales just as much as you do. The trick is to shop often from our Close-Out Belly Button Rings for Sale page in order to snag the best bling you love, because these pretty belly button rings move fast. Shop often. Act fast. Save big on bling from our Close-Out Belly Button Rings for Sale.

Yours in Bling,

Belly Bling

Belly Button Rings for Sale on Close Out Belly Rings

We asked our fabulous fashionistas at to show us which belly button rings from our close-out shelves they think are this season’s steals!  Rachel our Phabulous Photographer says her go-to belly ring is the double gem belly button ring. Double down, says Phab Rachel, on this double gem beauty! She likes the luster of the clear gems the best.

When she’s not taking phabulous photos, Rachel likes to go out with her sweetheart and their pup. She wears this classic beauty, the vintage dream catcher belly piercing.

When Rachel is hitting the night scene with her best gal pals, she wears the Aventurine Tri-Stone.


Belly Button Rings for Sale Equals Cheap Belly Button Rings

You can look beautiful and not spend big bucks. Brandi is our office product specialist and she could be a beauty queen double with her long legs and short cropped brunette hair. She walks with confidence and has been seen wearing the sparkling peacock belly button ring.

Brandi is a busy mom of 3 busy kids. When she wants to feel beautiful but still wants to tickle her kids, she wears the turtle belly ring.

Brandi loves the color purple. Who doesn’t? When she wants an evening out, you can find her wearing this classic and elegant titanium belly ring.

Kati is our Kick-@$$ Keyword Diva and she loves to wear the Harley Belly Ring.

Kickin' the Keywords with the Harley Belly Button Ring for Sale

Kickin’ Kati and her Harley Davidson Belly Ring

Sometime ago, Kati had to switch out her Harley Davidson belly ring for the pregnancy belly button ring. Kati! Kati is feeling some kicks of her own.

Kickin' it with baby belly button rings for sale

Kati is feeling some kicks with Baby on Board Belly Button Ring

Kati doesn’t care if she wears blue or pink as you can see with Kati’s other favorite belly ring, the pink tiger captive bead ring. Rawrrrr, Kati!

Pink Tiger Captive Bead Ring for Sale

Kati in pink or blue? Who knew! Belly Button Rings for Sale!

And what do I wear? Well, I’ll show you my favorite that I snagged off the close-out shelves, the hinged petal flower belly ring, seen here on a mannequin for a photo shoot I helped with when I first started working at BellyBling. Ahhh, the memories.

What’s your favorite off of our belly button rings for sale close-out pages?


Please Send Belly Button Rings, Canada

Dear Belly Bling,

We love your amazing selection of belly button rings. Please send us belly button rings ASAP.



Shipping Belly Button Rings to Canada

Dear Canada,

Belly button rings are being shipped to Canada! Do not fear. No need to send out the alarm and no need to drive over the border to get your favorite Belly Bling belly button rings. Canada, we have you covered. We heard your appeal and we are here to say that yes, we ship belly rings to Canada!

Sending Canadian Belly Button Rings

Belly Button Rings, Canada

Belly Rings to Canada

Canada belly rings? Yes, we have belly rings that feature the Canadian flag. We have dangling flag belly rings, Canada. Not only do we have belly button rings, Canada; we can ship them directly to you, Canada! So, head over to and select your favorite dangling belly ring or your favorite Canadian belly button ring. We’ll ship those belly rings to your door, Canada. Aren’t you relieved? We thought so. Emergency over. Belly rings on the way, Oh Canada!

32 Pack of Belly Rings, Canada?

Dear Canada, Sending Belly Rings, The Bling Team

Canadian Belly Button Rings

Canadian belly button rings are a way to show your patriotic enthusiasm for your people, your land, and your home. Canada, you have much to be proud of. You have Mike Myers. Hey girl, you have Ryan Gosling. OMG, Canada! You have Justin Bieber!

Hey girl, check out a fun Ryan Gosling blog. We're sure he likes belly rings, Canada.

Hey girl, check out a fun Ryan Gosling blog. We’re sure he likes belly rings, Canada.

Show your Canadian pride. Wear belly button rings, Canada, that feature your pride, the Canadian belly button ring.

Dear Canada,

We thank you for Ryan Gosling. Here. Have some belly rings. We ship belly button rings to Canada.

-The Belly Bling Team