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Celebrity Style: Why We Love Kelly Clarkson

We first met Kelly Clarkson back in 2002 when, at just 22 years old, she wowed even the toughest of vocal critics, Mr. Simon Cowell. Not only did she win over Simon, but she stole our hearts (and the show) and went on to become our first ever American Idol.

Over the past 11 years, Kelly has grown up quite a bit. First off, her voice has matured; we’re talking multiple Grammy awards matured. Second, her relationship status has come a long way. Last October she married Brandon Blackstock, a talent manager, and a month later announced that they’re expecting!

Most notable, Kelly’s sense of style has come a long way from her days of pig-tails and strategically-ripped shirts. Never one to care what other people think, Kelly has proven time and time again that she’s not afraid to try different looks, haircuts, colors, etc. Want to see what we mean? Here’s a look at Kelly’s style through the years…


Photo:Ray Mickshaw/

2002: Kelly was queen of hippy-like looks. This was the year she rocked patterns and neutral colors. Meanwhile, Kelly’s hair was taking on a pattern of its own, stripes. This was the year she sported bright, thick, blonde highlights.


2003: Kelly really came into her own following her win on Idol (though we’re sure having a personal stylist on set was a wonderful fashion influence). In 2003 she ditched the highlights for dark brown hair and started wearing more dark colors.


Photo: Lee Celano/WireImage


2004: Once again, Kelly lightened up. She added back the blonde highlights and grew her hair out into long and luxurious locks. As for those dark colors, this year it was about whatever fashion fit her figure.


Photo: James Devaney/WireImage

2005: This must have been the year Kelly finally got up the guts to go all the way, trading in her brunette color to become an all-out blonde. Wardrobe wise, those form-fitting shirts were traded in for belly-bling showing band tees. Hey, when you got it, flaunt it!

2007: Her next major fashion switch wasn’t until two years later. 2007 was the year of short hair and getting back to her roots  (both on her head and in her closet). Kelly toned down her outfits for more sweet and simple styles.


Photo: Snapper Media/Splash News

2008 & 2009: This time it wasn’t Kelly’s vocals or style that was taking center stage. As with any celebrity, the press was quick to monitor when Kelly started to put on a few pounds. Fortunately, this is one star that has a very healthy body image.

As Kelly told SELF magazine, “When people talk about my weight, I’m like, ‘You seem to have a problem with it; I don’t. I’m fine!”


Photo: Joe Kohen/

2010 & 2011: Kelly still sported a full-figure, but by this time she had really learned how to show off those curves! Embracing her body, Kelly wore lots of solid colors and grew out her hair in its (almost) original color.


Photo: George Pimentel/

2012: Love looks good on everyone, and Kelly is no exception. At this point her relationship with Blackstock had really taken off (they were engaged after all). Kelly started to lose the weight and bring the patterns back. Oh, and we can’t forget one more hair change, she went blonde again.

2013: As we already mentioned, this was a big year for Kelly. She won a Grammy, got married, and got pregnant. That said, it seems only fair to focus on the most important accessory a girl can wear, her smile. Check out this beaming bride on her wedding day!

Photo: Koby & Terilyn Brown, Archetype Studio Inc



Stunning Stars: 7 Celebs and their Bling of Choice

Musically gifted or talented actresses, there is one thing these seven women have in common. Sure, they’re all rich (ok, maybe there are two things), but they also all love their bling. More than that, their style is true to both their personality and their art.

Photo: Fameflynet Pictures

Photo: Fameflynet Pictures


Riri has made it public knowledge that she likes
to hang out in tattoo and piercing salons, and
let’s face it, if you do that often enough you’re bound
to wind up with some bling. Why do we love her?
Riri shares our passion for self-expression, whether
it’s a nipple ring, blingy bracelets, or simple stud



Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Britney Spears

It wouldn’t be a list of female celeb fashionistas without Britney. No matter how much- or little-
she is wearing, whether she’s on the stage or
on the beach, there is no denying this girl knows
how to rock a belly ring. Best of all…. she isn’t
shy about showing it off. 







Photo: 247PapsTV/Splash News Online

Lady Gaga

Known for her outrageous costumes, wigs, makeup
and entourages, it’s rare to get a photo of Lady Gaga without one of her many stage personas, but it’s
worth it when you do. We love it when her over-the-top look takes a backseat and lets an understated style shine through.






Photo: popcrush

Pink has went through several hair colors during her career: pink, purple, blue, blonde, etc., but one thing that hasn’t changed is her nose ring. In fact, she might as well have named herself nose piercing (except that doesn’t have a very nice ring to it).

From her performances to the red carpet, she never misses the opportunity to show it off!



Photo: Getty Images


Drew Barrymore

Once a wild child, it wasn’t too surprising when Drew got her tongue pierced. But actually, it wasn’t even Drew’s idea. She did it for her character in the movie “Whip It,” Smashley Simpson. Her idea or not, after the film finished shooting Drew didn’t have the heart to take her tongue ring out. 



Photo: Giampaolo Sgura/Trunk Archive


Halle Berry

While most women rely on luxurious locks to give them that feminine touch, Halle isn’t one of them. She likes to keep her hair short, and that makes it easy to show off her pierced ears. This makes her the embodiment of the words classy and charm, whether dress to the nines for the red carpet or in cut off shorts for a visit to the Farmer’s Market. 




Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters/Landov


Christina Aguilera

Since becoming a mom in 2008, Christina has scaled back a bit, showing less skin and piercings. But she’s never been afraid to do a 180 degree style switch up, complete with just the right bling. THe proof is here, from a 2004 Grammy Awards post-show shot. 

Girls Gone Wild: Animal Print Jewelry


Photo Credit: MTV

The third season of Snooki & JWoww, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jennifer “JWoww” Farley’s hit MTV reality show, premiered a few weeks ago. While it’s clear the girls have done their fair share of growing up since the days of Jersey Shore, some things will never change: Their friendship and their love of animal prints.

If you appreciate purple leopard patterns and rainbow zebra stripes as much as Jenny and Nicole do, then you’re going to love this collection of jewelry!

Whether you have your tongue pierced, you’ve decided to gauge your ears, or you just have a belly button ring, there is something to make everyone happy. Let’s start with the ears and work our way down…image of cheetah ear plug / ear guage

If you’re looking for some wild child gauges, look no further. These fun Cheetah Print Gauges range from an 8 gauge all the way to a 00 gauge. Choose the size that fits your holes now, and if you decide to close them up or stretch them out later you can still maintain the same look. No one wants to outgrow their favorite article of clothing or accessory!

image of Purple Leopard Print Tongue Ring from BellyBling.netMoving on down, there are tons of tongue ring styles to choose from! Take this Purple Leopard Print Tongue Ring for example; it also comes in blue, white and pink.

If you prefer stripes over spots, no worries. A black and white Zebra Tongue Ring might be just the print you need to complete your look. No? If you’re seeking something a little more colorful choose from our assortment of Tiger Print Tongue Rings.

Now for the final stop on our body piercing tour, the belly button. We know Snooki had her naval pierced (just check out this Jersey Shore promo photo), but what type of bling did she wear to the beach? Considering all of the animal themed pillows on Snooki & JWoww, maybe a Zebra Print Belly Button Ring? This particular pack comes with six different colors.image of zebra print belly ring from

Then again, knowing Snooki, it was probably a combination of animal print and bling, and this Crystal Stone Zebra Print Belly Button Ring sure fits the bill! The snazziest piece in our animal print collection, it’s sure to turn a few heads.

So what will it be, lions, tigers and cheetahs, oh my? Natural colors or bright bold themes? There are lots of different prints and styles to choose from, but which one will bring our your inner animal?


Celeb Spotlight: Katy Perry

Katy Perry first burst on to the pop music charts back in 2008. Topping Billboard’s list with “I Kissed a Girl,” we got our first real taste of Katy, and we liked it! But what we really love is Katy’s ability to rock so many hair styles and colors.

In honor of Katy’s 29th birthday (today!), we’ve decided to highlight our top 5 favs. And since we’re all about the bling factor, we’ve added what we think would make a great bling add-on.


Style: FeminineMTMzMjkzMDUxNDg0NTNfMQ

While Katy is known for her ever-changing color, this one struck us because of the softness of the pink. When a color is so shocking (like the electric blue she’s been known to flaunt), it takes away from her gorgeous features. The added bows soften the look even further.

Bling Add-On: Gem flower tragus earring



Style: Lightkaty-perry-short-blond-hair

A multi-toned color like this lightens and brightens without washing out the skin tone. In fact, we think it makes skin look even more luminescent. The angled cut helps too, drawing the eye from top to bottom and slimming the face.

Bling Add-On: Pink glitter ball captive bead ring




Style: Modernuntitled

Nothing updates a look more than blunt cut bangs. The eye-framing style is perfect for Katy and pairs nicely with ends that are a little more jagged and grazing the collarbone. It’s easy to go long with this style too- extensions can add volume without losing the focus on the face.

Bling Add-On: Spike marble twist eyebrow ring



Layers and waves have a way of looking spunky, even with an all-over color. Add a little bling and a messy part that’s just slightly off-center and this is a look that’s fun and flirty on almost anyone.

Bling Add-On: Owl labret ring




Style: SexyKaty-Perry-hair

The tossled curls and layers take on a new dimension in a warm strawberry blonde color. Well-placed highlights around the face look perfect with dramatic eye shadow and bold lip color.

Bling Add-On: Dangle gem cartilage earring






So tell us: what’s your favorite Katy Perry style? And which celeb would you like to see as the subject of our next Celeb Style Spotlight?




Hayden’s Hair: Bold Bangs

Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

At just 24 years old Hayden Panettiere has done a little bit of everything; prime-time television shows, animated movies, soap opera special appearances, and even video game voice-overs. This wide variety is fairly common for any starting starlet, trying to get a feel for what they’re good at, who their audience is, and what they like to do.

Now, after having spent nearly three-fourths of her life in front the cameras (debuting in 1994 on the soap opera One Life to Live), we like to think that Hayden has finally found her niche on the ABC hit series, Nashville.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

On Nashville Hayden plays Juliette Barnes, a spunky country singer with a great sense of style. Both on camera and off, Barnes (and Hayden) know how to rock their outfit and wear their hair.

In fact, unlike her many different roles, Hayden’s hair hasn’t changed too much over the years. The actress normally sports medium to long length hair, more often than not it’s wavy, and her bangs are grown out… that was until last Wednesday.

Making a guest appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Hayden shocked her fans by showing off a new hairdo that included blunt bangs and straight hair.

Photos Credit: Film Magic/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Film Magic/Getty Images

Even though Letterman didn’t mention her new haircut in the interview (did he even notice?), the media sure did. Gaining more exposure than the premiere of Season 2 of Nashville, bloggers and paparazzi alike have spent the past several days buzzing about the bangs.

But will we be seeing any more celebrities chopping off their long locks for clean-cut bangs? We think so. Geometric haircuts are on the rise this fall, meaning it’s just a matter of time before more Hollywood hotties follow suit. Props to Hayden for leading the way!

So tell us, what do you think of Hayden’s transformation from bangless beauty to a sharp cut star?

Talk Back: Parental Guidance?

caputoThis season on TLC’s Long Island Medium, Theresa notices via Skype that her daughter Victoria- who’s away at college- is suddenly sporting a new nose ring, AND a new tattoo on her wrist. Later in the show, Victoria comes home from college and reveals another tattoo, proclaiming “I can make my own choices for myself” when her Mom gets in a snit over these discoveries. The ironic part? Her father stands across the room, with tattoos covering his own arms!

And let’s not forget the child stars growing up and sporting their own tats and body jewelry. The list is getting longer: Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens. Even Amanda Bynes made the news (again!) with her new cheek piercings. There is something confirming about seeing the stars you’ve idolized grow up and suddenly have piercings and tattoos to flaunt.



So if you’re a teen or young adult, talk back to us and tell us:

Did you let your parents know your plans for a piercing or a tattoo? If not, what was their reaction when they found out?


Celebrity Style: Beyoncé

Although we know she wasn’t exactly referring to belly rings in her hit song Put a Ring on It, megastar Beyoncé certainly has been rocking the belly ring bling lately.

In her new campaign for H&M, the pop star beauty sports some understated navel rings along with the oh-so-sexy bikinis. hm

And who can forget her turn on Shape magazine this past spring?










Beyoncé is one of those stars not afraid to switch up her style, and the constant change is just one of the things that we love about her. From her early days on the stage with Destiny’s Child to her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, and on to super-stardom, she’s never afraid to try something new. Even motherhood hasn’t slowed down her evolution of style.

Here are just a few of our favorite Beyoncé looks, and the belly rings that we thing would make the perfect finishing touch.

Style: Cute & Casual 


for bk1

This look is all about the updated accessories- colorful stilettos, long pendant, zippered bag, bold hat. An animal print belly ring in an unexpected bright yellow would make a real statement.







Style: Sleek & Sophisticated


ring for bk2

Nothing is more striking than the clean lines of a classic white suit. And nothing is more classic than a real gold belly ring in 14k gold. Cubic zirconia accents add a little extra bling.






Style: Funky & Retro


for bk3

So many styles would work with the fringe and peek-a-boo style of this dress, but we’re leaning towards this circle shield belly ring. The Swarovski crystals add plenty of eye-catching style without being distracting since it lies flat.







Style: Feminine & Fun


for bk4

In-and-out belly rings like this chameleon belly ring creates two distinct focal points- perfect for peeking through a sheer dress or top.




Style: Pretty & Versatile


for bk5

Throwing a menswear-inspired jacket over a pretty lace top gives you the best of both worlds- much like this cute reverse belly ring. You get the simple stud accent and a dangling butterfly.


Big Screen Bling

Anytime something “blingy” hits the news, our belly bling staffers are on it. The most recent buzz has been all about the new movie The Bling Ring. Based on a true story, it stars Katie Chang, Israel Broussard, Claire Julien, and Emma Watson as a group of Southern California teenagers obsessed with the sparkling lifestyle of celebrities. To grab their own little piece of the glitz, they burglarize the homes of several stars, including Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, and Lindsay Lohan, and make off with more than three million in jewelry and designer fashions.

What struck us (besides our beloved Hermoine pole dancing in Paris Hilton’s Nightclub Room!), was the realization at how obsessed we are with celebrities and how the media can make them seem so accessible. The heists took place after the teens checked for events so they could be sure the celebrity would not be home, then just Google mapped their address. And keep in mind, this happened nearly five years ago. Now with the growing popularity of social media like Twitter and Instagram, it’s the stars themselves sharing with us on a daily basis- from their designer gowns to their body bling. Case in point: two recent posts from Kim Kardashian and Audrina Patridge on Intagram:

 final snip

Did you see the movie? Tell us what you thought! We’d give it a B+, mostly for the bling factor, like this:


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer:

Belly Chain Buzz

There’s been some real buzz lately in the celebrity style circles about belly chains. We’ve known for a while now that they’re a fun and chic way to add some unique bling to a cute bikini or crop top, so it’s been cool to see the stars flaunting it in their own way.

Some of our favs include Kendall Jenner’s thin gold chains sweeping so gently out from under a pretty floral top.

kendall jenner belly chain

Pop star Rihanna also make a statement on the when she paired a mulit-layered belly chain with a teeny tiny bikini and sporty braids.

rhiannon belly chain






And let’s not forget Miley Cyrus, whose been known to rock a belly chain with a little sexy dress on the red carpet, just as well as with a rugged-looking cropped leather jacket while on stage.

Even Beyonce took to the cover of GQ back in February to flaunt her belly chain peeking out from under a cropped football jersey.

Call us biased, but we think the pretty delicate belly chains make a stronger statement than even the heavy gold single chain she paired with it.

beyonce belly ring©GQ

And it seems the pop stars aren’t the only ones jumping on the belly chain trend. Victoria’s Secret is giving the belly chain a starring role in their latest catalogs. In fact, supermodel Candice Swanepoel made such a splash during a recent St. Barts photo shoot, an article from the U.K.’s Daily Mail, “Victoria’s Secret angel Candice Swanepoel showcases her heavenly figure in bikinis and trend belly bling” has been trending to rave reviews.

The thing is we love the most about belly chains is the way you can reveal a little or a lot- depending on your mood, your style, whatever you wish. Pick up a dainty chain to wear with a bikini or go big and bold but pair it with a longer top. We love the way this BellyBling customer mixes up the shimmer of our heart gold belly chain, with fun, vidid colors:


What’s your favorite way to wear belly chain jewelry? Don’t just tell us- show us! Send it to us too and you just might be a belly bling model. Get the details here.


Celebrity Belly Ring Bling: Britney Spears

britney spears belly ringBritney Spears is back in the news lately, thankfully for good things: new music, new boyfriend, and her fabulously toned bod on the cover of the June issue of Shape magazine. The first thing we noticed? The belly ring she’s rocking. The dangling, sparkling stones are the perfect accent for her sexy suit and confident personality.

Britney has certainly come a long way since she first showed off her newly pierced belly during a stint on MTV’s TRL back in 2000. Check it out:

Who’d have thought that years later- and now also a Mom to two boys- she’d be proudly showing off that piercing on newsstands across the country? Belly piercings have definitely become a lot more common since Britney had teens gasping (and probably some parents too!) when she flashed that little gold ring from under a sweater more than a decade ago.

And with belly piercings more common, belly rings now come in styles for every personality, whether you’re all about the glittery glam of dangling belly rings or like the understated style of a gold captive bead ring.

What do you think of Britney’s taste in belly rings? Better back then? Or simply stunning now?