Types of Captive Bead Rings – Earring, Belly Button & Nose

Captive bead rings, also called a ball closure ring or BCR jewelry is one of the most versatile types of body jewelry out there. There are a ton of ways to wear captive bead rings. Just think about it—you can have a standard captive bead earring, a captive bead nose ring, or a captive bead lip ring. Captive bead belly button rings are also very common.

To make it easier to understand the types of captive bead rings and their uses, we created a couple graphics to show common uses for captive bead rings.

As you can see, there are tons of captive bead earring options. Use captive bead rings for the lobe, conch, daith, forward helix, orbital, anti-tragus, tragus, snug, helix, and rook to name a few. Regardless of your type of piercing, a captive bead earring can be a good fit. The important thing to consider for captive bead rings is the gauge size. If you’re looking for captive bead rings, be sure to find out if you need 8 gauge, 16 gauge, 18 gauge, 20 gauge captive bead rings. This is a good question to ask your piercer when you have your piercing done.

In addition to a captive bead earring, other options for BCR jewelry are captive belly button rings, captive bead nose ring

Another option for captive bead rings is captive bead lip ring, captive bead eyebrow ring, and captive bead nose ring. Even with those options, there are different areas that can be pierced.

Once you know if you want a captive bead nose ring, lip ring, or eyebrow ring, you will want to find the style and material that works best. Some options for a ball closure ring are titanium, black, acrylic, gold, or surgical steel.

Captive read belly button rings one of the most popular types of captive bead rings you will see. A captive bead hoop is definitely a different style than your standard barbell. One of the most challenging parts we get questions about for  captive bead rings and captive bead belly rings is how to get them out, insert them, and remove them. It’s a delicate process but we have some tips so stay tuned!

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