Can You Have a Belly Button Repierced?

Dear Belly Bling:

Can I have my belly button repierced if I don’t like where the current hole is? 

- Curious in California

piercing1Yes! If you’re unsatisfied with the current placement you can have your belly button repierced.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind…

Even if you’re aiming for a different location of the hole, your new piercing may still cross paths with your old scar tissue. Unfortunately, like getting a tattoo cover-up, it hurts more to pierce scar tissue. That said, odds are if you didn’t mind getting your belly button pierced the first time then you probably won’t find having your belly button repierced as too painful. It’s just something to be aware of.

Also, be sure to take care of your first hole as you let it close up. Any piercing you get, ear, eyebrow, belly button, etc., will leave a scar. The good news is that that scar will be minimal (like a small freckle) as long as you protect the hole. Make sure your old belly piercing stays clean as it closes up. You won’t want to show off the new navel piercing if it’s outshined by a scar!

One more thing before you consider having your belly button belly image of belly button ring from bellybling.netbutton repierced, the old piercing isn’t the only hole you’ll want to take care of. Since you’ve already had your belly button pierced, you probably know it takes approximately nine months to heal. During that time you should avoid swimming and other activities that put the piercing at risk of infection. In addition, you need to clean your hole daily when it’s first pierced. Getting a new piercing is a commitment. Be certain you’re up for the maintenance before you remove the belly ring from the original piercing.

It’s also important to note that each body and piercing are different. While it shouldn’t be a problem, ultimately your piercing artist will let you know if he/she foresees any complications with have your belly button re-pierced.

Good luck!

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