Can I Wear A Belly Ring While Pregnant?

Pregnancy Belly Ring

Dear Belly Bling,

I have my belly pierced, but now that I’m pregnant, I’m wondering if I can still wear my old belly button rings?

-Mama’s Belly

Baby on Board Pregnancy Belly Ring

Baby on Board

Dear Mama’s Belly,

First, congratulations! Every new Mama with a belly piercing wonders the same thing. The good news is that yes, you can still wear a belly ring even as your tummy grows to accommodate your new little baby girl or new little baby boy.

Lots of changes are coming down the turnpike for you, Mama Belly. Not only are lots of changes happening to your body, but lots of emotional fluctuations might be occurring simultaneously. Change is a normal part of motherhood. Change is always happening to a Mom-To-Be, but change is also the norm for a mom of a toddler, a preschooler, or a tween. It’s one of those things that you have to adjust and accept as part of the joy of that little bundle that is on her way.

Pearl Flexible Belly Ring

Pearl Pregnancy Belly Ring

One of the physical changes that can impact your belly button ring is that expanding belly. Sometimes, for some people, their old belly rings fit just fine and no new rings are needed. Some people find, however, that their sensitivities all over their body has increased, including their navel piercing area. If your skin seems more prone to itchiness or rashes or simple dry skin, then change might be a good thing. Changing to a pregnancy belly ring might be the way to go. Pregnancy belly rings are often more flexible, which means they grow with you as your tummy and your baby grow! Maternity belly rings are often made with hypoallergenic materials for less skin irritation. So, you can feel comfy and feel secure in your state of mind that you are wearing the right pregnancy belly ring.

light up the night, baby

glitter and glow in the dark maternity belly ring

What you don’t want to do when with your belly piercing while you are pregnant is take your belly ring out and not put another one back in for 9 months. The problem with this, is your body may try to close up the pierced navel if no belly jewelry is worn at all. Do you remember how long it took to finalize that healed belly piercing? You don’t want to have to re-pierce your belly button all over again, if you don’t have to do so. Sometimes, not always because everyone is different, but scar tissue can form where a piercing has been made. If you have to re-pierce your navel all over again, it may be more difficult for your professional piercer. Remember to ALWAYS use a professional piercer when you get your belly button pierced. You can get your belly button pierced again, but save yourself from having to do a do-over if you can. You’ll save the hassle and some money by keeping a maternity navel ring in place during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Belly Ring with Baby Feet

Do you hear the pitter patter of little baby feet?

Plus, here is the BEST part! You get to shop for more ultra-chic and oh-baby, oh-so-much fun pregnancy belly button rings! Oooo-la-la! Now, that wasn’t so hard was it? Check out our favorite maternity belly button rings that are just perfect for Mother’s Day or any day!


Hypoallergenic Belly Button Ring

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