Busting Belly Piercing Myths

belly piercing For the past 10 years, MythBusters has taught us everything from the falseness of the “5 Second Rule” to the plausibility that a baseball player’s eye black actually diminishes the sun’s glare. But while we love Adam and Jamie for keeping us entertained, the show’s predominantly male cast hasn’t put any piercing myths to the test. That’s where we come in…


Myth: It’s best to get your belly button pierced in the summer
Finding: Busted

Explanation: Odds are in the summertime you’ll want to show off your new bling with slightly shorter tops and two-piece swimsuits. Unfortunately, short tops mean sun exposure, and you shouldn’t go swimming (in a pool, river, or ocean) for at least six weeks once you get a piercing. Keep your new piercing clean and safe from the elements. Avoid the temptation, enjoy your summer in the water, and wait a few months to get your belly button pierced.

Myth: Anyone can get a belly ring
Finding: Busted

Explanation: Everybody, and every body, is different. Some people’s belly buttons are naturally better suited for a piercing. You need to have the right shape to get a traditional top belly button piercing, so ask your piercing artist if your body is compatible.

Myth: You can choose any type of belly ring to wear when you get your belly button pierced, so long as you leave it in for the suggested amount of time
Finding: Busted

Explanation: It takes your body awhile to get used to a new piercing. As a result, there is an initial period of swelling. In order to avoid complications you should give your new hole room to accommodate for this swelling, and curved barbell belly bling has just the right shape and length to give your new piercing a little free reign as it gets used to your new accessory. While we know there is a LOT of cute bling to choose from, hold off to guarantee a healthy heal.

Myth: Putting Neosporin or any other antibacterial lotion on a belly piercing will help it heal faster
Finding: Busted

Explanation: Neosporin, and lotion in general, can get stuck in the hole. Even if you only put a little on and think you’re doing a good job of cleaning it out, you might be surprised. Lotion residue stuck in your piercing can trap bacteria, and that’s the last thing you need! If you still aren’t convinced, bacteria or no bacteria, the piercing needs to breathe in order to heal properly… which is difficult to do if it’s caked in lotion.

Myth: If your piercing does get infected, you should take out the jewelry
Finding: Busted… sort of

Explanation: First and foremost, if your belly piercing is infected you should consult your piercing salon. They’ll probably ask you a few questions (maybe even have you come in for a consultation) and then gauge the severity of your infection. If the salon thinks it’s necessary, they may tell you to remove the jewelry. However, in most cases there are cleaning solutions and things you can do to keep removing the jewelry a last resort. Yes, if you take the jewelry out your hole will close, and you may find yourself starting the whole process all over again.

When you get a new piercing, whether it’s your ears, your belly button, or your eyebrow, knowledge is key. Hopefully we were able to answer some of your questions that Adam and Jamie haven’t covered on their hit show and that you’ll have a positive piercing experience as a result! Be sure to check Bellybling.net, for more belly & navel piercing info.



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