Boo! Halloween Belly Rings

Halloween is almost here, and before you know it little kids will be putting on their witches’ hats and cartoon masks and showing up at your door begging for candy! It’s a time-honored tradition and the highlight of any little kid’s month… but why should they have all of the fun?

Whether you think you’re too old to dress up or you have the perfect costume planned, we’ve got Halloween belly rings for every personality!

image of halloween belly ringSimply seeking something cute to add a little holiday spirit? Try the Glowing Ghost. Since Halloween parties are almost never held during the day, this ghost is a fun surprise for all!

Why We Love It: When the glowing ghost isn’t lit up the glow in the dark coloring goes well with any outfit.


image of spiderman halloween belly ring from bellyblingPerhaps you’re looking for something a little creepier? This Dangling Spiderman Belly Button Ring is a Halloween classic that shows you’re not a girly girl and you’re not afraid of a little bug with eight legs (or a haunted house).

Why We Love It: What’s to love about this belly bling? More like what’s not to love. Whether you’re trying to look scary or stylish, black and a blood red gem fits the bill.


image of pirates Halloween belly rings from bellybling.netLots of Halloween costumes require more than one person: The Shining twins, Thing 1 and Thing 2, you get the idea. So why not invite your friend to join you in wearing BFF Halloween naval rings? Skull & Crossbones “Best Mates” bling may not be the scariest thing, but who wants to celebrate friendship with something that could scare a child?

Why We Love It: Best friends are always in style!


Belly Bling Halloween belly ringsSome people take Halloween a little more serious than others. Some think it’s a great excuse to be someone else for a night, and others run around the cemetery and say seance. If you’re like the latter then this Skull & Flames naval ring is the perfect match.

Why We Love It: This says you’re not messing around! You’ll  be sure to get everyone’s attention and let them know you prefer tricks over treats.


No Naval Piercing?
Just because you don’t have your belly button pierced doesn’t mean we’re about to leave you out of the fun! Did you pierce your tongue instead? Try one of these stainless steel Skull Barbells. Halloween is a great excuse to switch up your normal wardrobe, so why go with a boring stud like you do the other 364 days in the year? skull tongue ring from belly bling

Don’t have a tongue piercing either? What about gauged ears? We recommend a Glow in the Dark Gauge. These gauges are a good option because they have that Halloween signature glow yet you can wear them year round!glow in the dark ear gauge from belly

How does your bling compliment your costume or outfit? We want to see! Send us your photos!

Last but not least, Happy Halloween from your friends at Belly Bling!


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