Bird Belly Button Rings

Bird Belly Button Rings: Feather Fashion

Bird belly button rings have created a feather fashion frenzy of delight. You might say, bird belly button rings are causing a hoot among those of us who consider owl-selves Fashionistas. All puns aside, if you want to stay hip on body jewelry trends, you must get yourself some bird belly button rings and some owl body jewelry.

Ladies, listen up and flock together over here in a fashion huddle to hear about what is hot right now. I don’t know if it is because everyone is crazy for those crazy Angry Birds pelting themselves like kamikaze pig destroying commandos or if it is the mysticism that has always surrounded birds, especially the owl, but I am seeing birds everywhere. And no, it’s not because I’ve been clunked on the head and have tiny little tweeting birds flying in a circle above me like a halo of feathers. I am seeing the young tweens and teens sporting Angry Bird belly button rings like they are just waiting for those pigs encapsulated by blocks to appear out of nowhere. Yes, they are ready and waiting for you little piggies with their trendy Angry Bird belly button rings.

I have been seeing all those young 20-somethings out and about with their hoot-hot owl jewelry, owl necklaces, and owl ear gauges. With so many big round owl eyes out there watching me, I’m starting to think I’m living some bizarre Fashionista loco life from my mother’s music era – Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” and my grandmother’s black and white movie era – that crazy scary Hitchcock movie called “The Birds”.

Speaking of Fashionistas with wisdom…those hipster 30-somethings are walking everywhere decked out in feathers from head to toe. I’m seeing feathers in their hair. Dramatic feathered (like an owl) eye make-up. Feathers dangling from their ears. Feather belly button rings popping up in every hipster coffee shop, retro clothing store, and after hours hipster hang out. Yesterday, I saw two, count them, two sparrow belly button rings on two different style saavy brunette and blonde beauties:  one leaving the salon where I go for much needed pampering and one at the gym emerging from the pool with water droplets cascading off of her body like she was a goddess emerging from the waters of creation.

I have to say, fellow Fashionistas, that bird belly rings, owl body jewelry, and anything with feathers is the hot, must wear Fashionista accessories this season. Don’t wait until the birds fly south for the winter to get your bird belly button rings. The time for everything bird is NOW. While you’re at it, get your younger Fashionista sisters and cousins some Angry Birds belly button rings.

Bird Belly Button Rings: A Fashion Hoot

So, let’s check out some of these bird belly button rings. You have the always hot dream catcher belly button rings, which I’ve written about before, that feature those dream catching dangling feathers that have captured the dreams of so many celebrities and Fashionistas. Now, we also have owls. Check out this adorable little owl. I mean, who – who can resist this cute belly button ring?

Remember those sparrow belly button ring goddesses I told you about? Yeah, they were wearing these sparrow belly button rings. Hot bird fashion. Those birds better be careful or they are going to get fried; they are so hot.

And for those Angry Birds fans out there, we have your Angry Birds belly button rings with plenty of twinkling sparkle. I would not be flinging these Angry Birds at any pigs, however. They are way too cool to be wasted on pigs.

Bird Belly Button Rings: A Fashion Who’s Who

Who – who loves birds and owls? How about Jessica Alba. Notice how her bracelet’s design looks like the owl feathers on her Lauren Moshi Owl Swing Tank. Nice touch, Jessica.

Jessica Alba wins our Who’s Who in Hot Owl Fashion! Coordinating a bracelet that mimics the owl’s feathers while wearing an owl t-shirt. Jessica, we give you 3 HOOTS for hot fashion. All she needs now is some hot owl body jewelry or a fashionable bird belly button ring.

Now, we think you should show us your favorite bird belly button ring. Check out these bird belly button rings and owl body jewelry at


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  2. Those bird designs of belly buttons are looking very creative and unique. I like all the three designs, it will give a charming look to our belly.