Belly Button Ring Size Chart

A piercing size chart can help you figure out which piece of body jewelry is the best fit for you. Have you always wanted to know what exactly the body jewelry measurements listed next to a belly button ring or a tongue ring really mean? A piercing size chart can do that. Measuring body jewelry sizes does not have to be a mystery any longer with this easy to use belly ring size chart. Knowing the proper body jewelry gauge sizes and measurements, such as the belly button ring lengths, makes shopping for body jewelry easier. To better understand the terms associated with navel ring sizes and where exactly a measurement is located on your belly button ring, we present you with this new belly button ring size chart.

Belly Button Ring Sizes Chart

What’s in a gauge? The most important gauge on belly button rings is the piercing gauge itself, the belly button ring gauge, which indicates the size of the actual piercing within your navel. Often, you’ll see this, for example,

- 14G

Specifically, 14G, is the standard belly button ring gauge size. A navel ring size chart should always indicate the specific belly button ring gauge size as the most common, but also show you the other lesser common options. 16G, a slightly thinner gauge, is one of the belly ring sizes most often thought of as the other navel ring size. The belly button ring gauge size is not the same thing as the belly button ring length, but the actual width of the barbell that enters your piercing.

Belly ring gauge sizes are often followed by the measurement of the ball top.

- 4G (5mm)

The next navel ring sizes or measurement you might see, depending on the kind of belly button ring, is the length of the curved barbell. It might be listed as:

7/16” Length of Curved Barbell

or sometimes it is listed next to the gauge size, so it looks like this:

14G, 7/16”,

Dangling belly button rings should include the dangle length. The dangle length on a belly button ring size chart is measured from the end of the barbell to the end of the dangling charm and written as

1” Dangle Length

The end to end length on a belly ring size chart is as the name suggests. These belly button measurements measure the entire belly ring from top to bottom. This would include the ball at the top to the very bottom of any dangling charms. Often, you will see it on a navel ring size chart listed as

2 ½” End to End Length

In the case of a captive bead ring or horseshoe ring, a belly button ring size chart should measure the diameter across the inside of the belly button ring. These belly ring sizes look like this,

7/16” Diameter

So, the next time you are shopping for a belly button ring, remember to look over the BellyBling Piercing Size Chart to make sure you understand what the measurements actually mean. All of these body jewelry measurements, and specifically, all of these belly button ring sizes, are going to help you determine which belly ring is going to fit and look the best on you. If it is a dangling belly button ring, you can figure out how far the dangling belly button ring is going to dangle on your navel. Go ahead, pierce this. Pierce your belly button and enjoy the fun of wearing belly button rings as an informed belly ring wearer. Be in the know as you pierce this!


  1. Marti says:

    I could have used this earlier I had to ask my teenage daughter to explain it to me. I wanted to get a horseshoe instead of my captive so I could remove my earing for a medical proceure and my teenage daughter helped me figure out what size I needed. Love this site so much info and good belly rings.

    • lisa says:

      Glad you were able to find what you needed at the time. Good thing for teenage daughters :) Thanks for checking out the site!