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We’ve all been there – you’re thinking about getting your belly button pierced but you have questions and you’re not ready to go to the piercer yet until you know a little more. You need to know all about belly button piercings and we’re here to help! We’ve answered a number of questions that we hear often from our fans here.

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Why do people get belly piercings?

There are probably as many reasons to get a piercing as there are people who are pierced out and about. Belly button piercing is sometimes a personal statement, maybe you want to mark a milestone in your life, maybe it’s just a desire to decorate your body, maybe your significant other find it sexy or you want to be a little edgy and surprise people with semi-permanent body art. There are so many possible reasons why people get a navel piercing that you could say the answer is – everything. (About belly button piercing – your piercing or anyone else’s: Navel piercings are one of the easiest piercings to remove if you decide you don’t like it in the future.) Whatever your reason, bellybutton piercings are a great self expression and you should be sure that you’re doing it for you and have fun with it.

What type of rings do I use for my first belly button piercing?

Most piercers will recommend that you get your belly button pierced with a simple curved barbell or captive bead ring rather than a decorative belly button ring. Piercing jewelry without dangles or gems reduces the chance that your ring will get caught on something which can be painful while the piercing is first healing. However, the choice is yours and many piercers will allow you to bring your own ring with you when you’re first pierced. Check with your piercing to see what he or she recommends for new piercings jewelry. Navel piercings can take time to heal before you’re able to switch out your rings.

What is the belly button piercing procedure?

First, stop by the shop to make an appointment with the person who will be doing the piercing. You want to be sure that the place that they work is clean and that they sterilize their equipment and rings before talking to them about piercing a belly button. Ask if they will sterilize your own ring if you want to bring one with you. To minimize pain you might want to take an over the counter pain killer half an hour before your appointment. Once you get to the piercer the piercer should mark where your belly ring will go so that you can see the placement. Then they will ask you to lie down on a table and they should swab the area of the piercing to sterilize the skin and then they will isolate the skin that they are going to pierce – this is usually done with a surgical clamp that will tug a little on your skin. Next the piercer will use a sharp needle to make the hole for the ring. They will replace the needle with the piercing jewelry and should sterilize the area again. At this point you’re done – the piercer should help you sit up just in case you get dizzy, and then give you a few minutes to sit and make sure you feel ok and also give you instructions on how to take care of your new piercing.

Be sure to ask your piercer any questions you have about belly button piercing before you agree to an appointment. If you feel uncomfortable with a particular piercer – it’s ok to find someone else to do the job, piercing is an art for body modification enthusiasts and there are great, trustworthy piercers in almost any city.

How much does a belly piercing cost?

Belly button piercing rates will vary depending on where you live and what type of belly button piercing rings you consider for your new piercing. Navel single piercing is likely to range from $25-$50 depending on the piercer and is likely to come with a standard titanium or surgical steel ring. Remember that custom rings may cost more, and when budgeting you should consider a 10-20% tip for your piercer if they aren’t the shop owner and they do a good job.

How much are belly button piercings?

As we noted above, the procedure to get pierced is usually less than $50. Belly piercing rings can range widely in priced depending on the materials that are used to make them and whether you can find a sale. Often times you can get several rings in a pack for less than $10 if you are happy with trendy and inexpensive materials. When you start to add intricate designs and crystals, navel piercing jewelry tends to hit the $10-$25 range. If you want precious metals or natural gem stones the ring you buy for your belly button piercing could cost $100 or more.

Do belly button piercings hurt?

Like any piercing, belly decoration will probably mean a quick, sharp pain when the piercer makes the initial piercing and you will probably feel a little tugging as the belly button piercing jewelry is inserted into the piercing. After that, you’re off to healing and you might have some discomfort at first as your skin stretches around the new ring. If you experience a lot of pain, or it doesn’t start to taper off you should check to make sure you haven’t gotten a skin infection around the navel piercing jewelry site. Your piercer should give you a sheet of belly button piercing information when you leave the shop including how to clean and care for your piercing. Be sure to follow their instructions and check back in if something seems wrong with your bellybutton piercing.

What makes a pretty belly button piercing?

Belly button piercings that are straight and are healed nicely are pretty and ready to share with the world. Your choice of belly piercing jewelry will also help to make your belly button piercing look pretty – choose what you like, and swap out rings to suit your mood.

Do people get more than one piercing in their navel?

Some people do have double belly button piercing done, and even quadruple belly button piercings. Double belly button piercing jewelry is generally done with standard bananabells because the more detailed jewelry won’t fit in the limited space. A vertical double piercing is usually done with one piercing from the top edge of your navel (standard navel piercing) and then a second piercing (belly piercing) on the lower edge of your navel – this creates a line of 4 balls when you use bananabars. Belly button rings for bottom piercing can be dangling rings without getting in the way of the other piercing, but they might get caught in your waistband so check the measurements carefully.

Another option for a double belly button piercing is to have two separate navel piercing rings inserted on the top edge of your belly button, they are spaced just a few millimeters apart for the piercing at the top and then both bananabars hang inside your belly button cavity at angles from the piercing-belly buttons are usually wide enough to accommodate two bars.

A quadruple belly button piercing is where you pierce each edge of your belly button like the cardinal points on a compass – North, South, East, and West – if you choose this type of piercing you should check to be sure the opening in your navel is large enough to accommodate all four belly ring balls, or consider using captive bead rings to wear in your piercings, belly buttons aren’t all that big after all!

There are a number of ways that people like to celebrate their belly buttons-piercings are a matter of your personal style and how you want to make a statement on your body.

What is a belly botton piercing? Lol – we’re not sure on this one, but we think it’s a typo! Belly button naval piercing is a typo too – unless maybe you’re in the US Navy?


  1. rylie hambaugh says:

    can you do regular things like go swimming when you get your belly pierced

    • lisa says:

      Yes. Always check with your piercer to determine how long you should wait, but once it has healed, there is no reason why you cannot go swimming.

    • caitlyn says:

      no you can’t semerdge your bottom half in watter wen you first get it done you have to wait 6 months so no baths, swimming, and no going into the hot tub to relax. Sorry :'(

  2. Jeffrey Horton says:

    Getting your belly pierced makes you more attractive. People tend to get body piercings because it is considered self expression. When one pierces his or her body, that piece of art is said to mean something that person.

  3. susana says:

    i have a belly piiercing for 1 month and i dont know why the lady put it so long and it move alot and get stuck in my close i hope its not rejecting dont hurt and no puss.

    • rachel says:

      Oh no! Well, that’s good that it doesn’t hurt and there is not puss. If you are worried about it, you should see a professional piercer to see what they have to say. Best of luck!

  4. Susana Santiago says:

    i hope youre right i would like to know if they could change it for a naval piercing ill le yo knw thanks.

  5. Stephie says:

    I’m getting mine done in a month after I graduate high school. I’m really excited to be getting it. They’re just so cute and stylish! Can’t wait. What should I expect on a pain level for the clamp? My friend said that that’s the only thing that really hurt her when she did hers.

    • rachel says:

      I got mine pierced a looong time ago, but I don’t remember the clamp hurting much at all. I really didn’t think the piercing was that bad either – it was more sore afterwards :)

  6. Susana Santiago says:

    hi stephie i think i was so nervous that day that i did not feel anything when the guy sad its done i told him are you serious its nothing to it the only thing is to not get an infecion or to be rejected like happen to me know i have a reverce navel piercing ill let you know how this one comes out if it doesent i give up lol taekcare

  7. Lisa says:

    Hi , I’ve had my piercing for about 4 months now . . And i was wondering if it was still suppose to be alil sore or crusty ?

    • Daniella says:

      It shouldn’t be crusty at this time nor sore. maybe go buy Bactine from a drug store close by. and clean it 4 times a day it should get better

    • rachel says:

      Agreed – it should not be crusty or sore 4 months later. An easy at-home remedy is a saline solution. Just mix 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt with 1 cup of clean, warm water. Soak a cotton ball with the solution and place on your piercing for 5-10 minutes. Doing this a couple of times a day for a while should help.

  8. Daniella says:

    how long do u have to wait to change the belly ring?

  9. Jessica says:

    You have to wait 6 months to change it. But you can change the color of the balls but leave the silver roding in, dont take it out because it might not go back in or it can make it really sore. But like i said you can change the color of the balls on it.

  10. Katelyn says:

    I do cheerleading and tumbling, and a friend said it hurt her because it was being stretched out when she tumbled. Is there a way I can ask them to place the piercing so that won’t happen as much to me?

    • rachel says:

      It sounds like you just need a little more wiggle room with the barbell so that it has room to move up and down a little bit. I would mention this to your piercer when you get it done.

  11. love hoskin says:

    when you get a belly piercing can you take a shower the next day.

    • rachel says:

      Absolutely – just be careful around the piercing and don’t get too much of your body wash/soap on it. Once you get out of the shower, you can clean your piercing with your normal piercing care solutions.

  12. jenni says:

    how long do you have to wait to go swimming when you get your belly piercing.

    • rachel says:

      I would wait for the healing process to be really underway. And as Ashley said, you should probably avoid high bacteria water likes lakes and ponds. As long as you clean the piercing well afterwards, it should be fine.

  13. Gwen says:

    You should at least wait 3-4 months, and avoid lakes and pools since there will be lots of bacteria and can cause an infection.

  14. Shanna says:

    Can I get a plastic belly botton ring to get it done with? I’m allergic to metal and have had my belly done once before but they used a metal ring and it got infected. My ears are the same way.

    • rachel says:

      Piercers usually do not like to pierce with plastic jewelry as bacteria can stick to it more than metals. However, it is possible, but you’ll want to speak with your piercer about it. Have you tried all kinds of metal? Some people that are allergic to metal can still wear titanium, nickel-free, and 14kt gold jewelry.

  15. Ashley Nicole says:

    I went swimming a week after and I wasted it really good right after so it didn’t get infected but the piercer told me 3 weeks and I’ve had mine done for 1 month and its really good looking! If your skin is sensitive things then I wouldn’t try plastic!

  16. miah says:

    What kind of ring is it a banana or an horseshoe
    I have to get my ring and i honestly dont know which one to get

    • rachel says:

      A banana bar is just a curved barbell like on the standard belly ring – it literally is shaped like a banana and is what most people were in their navels. A horseshoe, again, is exactly what it says – it is shaped like a horseshoe. Although not as common, these are also worn in navels, but probably more so in other body piercings like the septum and ears. I would stick with the standard banana bar (or curved barbell). :)

  17. elly says:

    how do you convince your parents to let you get a belly piercing?

  18. molly ann smith says:

    can you do flips while after a day or week you get you belly pierced?

    • rachel says:

      I wouldn’t recommend trying such stunts so soon after getting your belly pierced. It could cause tearing and inflammation which would slow the healing process. At least wait until it is completely healed with no redness, swelling, or soarness.

  19. molly says:

    what do you do for the aftercare of when you get your belly pierced

    • rachel says:

      Hi Molly! You will want to clean it at least twice a day using a cleaning solution that is provided or suggested by your piercer (H2Ocean is a popular brand). You can also make your own saline soak by combining 1/4 teaspoon non-iodized sea salt with 1 cup clean, warm water. Soak your new piercing in this saline solution for 5-10 minutes. It’s also important not to touch the piercing or change the jewelry until completely healed.

  20. briana says:

    When do you know know if its ready to change?
    Can you still work out ? I do 30 mins each day of waist and ab workouts.

    • rachel says:

      You should only change your belly ring when your piercing has completely healed. This can vary from person to person but can take about 3-4 months. You should be able to work out as long as it’s not irritating your piercing. Just be sure to clean your piercing after you do work out.

  21. cherry says:

    hi, im really thinking of getting my belly button pierce but a little bout it. what happen if i decide to take it off after a few years,would it leave a scar?

    • rachel says:

      It will leave a small scar. The size of the scar will vary on how your piercing held up while it was pierced and how your body heals. On some people, you hardly notice that scar, but on others it is pretty noticeable. Most likely, the longer you leave your belly ring in, the more noticeable the scar will be once you take it out.

  22. cherry says:

    if its done in a shopping mall behind the counter, do u think its a bad idea?

    • rachel says:

      If they are licensed to do piercings then it should be fine if they are following all piercing guidelines/laws. If they are practicing body piercing beyond what they are licensed to do in that location, then I would advise going to a professional piercing shop instead.

  23. Stephie says:

    Hi! I just got mine pierced yesterday. It hurt more than I was expecting it to, but it wasn’t unbearable, and it was really quick. It doesn’t hurt at all now, except for when I clean it and move it around the soap is eating up all the bacteria I guess – which is good. I love it so much and it makes me happy every time I look at it. To my surprise, it hurts a lot less than cartilage piercings do, cause mine would throb like no tomorrow. I’m happy I made the decision to get mine done. If you’re wanting to do it, but scared, just do it! It’s over super fast and it looks extremely cute. Don’t over-think it. =)

  24. Mariah says:

    I want to get mine done but I do gymnastics and I have been since I was 3. Would getting it pierced get in the way of my flipping and things like that? I can definitely take tons of pain but I just don’t want it ripping out or tearing skin. If anyone could answer my question I would be more then happy! Thanks! Oh and also I LOVED reading everyone’s review. :)

    • rachel says:

      Hi Mariah! We actually had a similar question previously so you are not alone! It may cause some problems right after it is pierced because of swelling. You could possibly ask your piercer to leave some wiggle room with the piercing so that the barbell has room to move while you’re moving. Of course, your piercer will have the best advise on this :) Good luck!

  25. Kat says:

    I’m like really scared to do it. I’m afraid they’ll do it slow and it will hurt. How fast do they pierce you?

    • Kat says:

      Plus, I can’t decide on either a top or bottom piercing. What is your opinion?

      • rachel says:

        They won’t pierce it slow, so don’t be scared! It is very quick. As for the top or bottom piercing, that is something you will need to decide. The bottom piercing is becoming more and more popular but it is really up to you!

  26. susana says:

    hi to tell you the truth i have both and they look real cool i did it the same day and didnt hurt a bid just take good care put the h20cean clean it with antibioatic soap i have them for only 2 months already and they look find good luck.

  27. Chelsea says:

    I’m 14 and I really want my belly button pierced. I won’t to wait until winter but I don’t think I can because of all the sports I’m in. I only have this summer as a time period that would be somewhat good. So any suggestions?

  28. Chanel says:

    I am thinking about getting my belly button pierced while it is winter, due to me doing alot of swimming and it will give it quite a while to heal, however, can the piercing get infected after it has healed?

    • rachel says:

      Most likely it will not get infected once fully healed. It could get infected if it gets torn at all as bacteria could then get in. I have had my belly piercing for 11 years and have not had any infections. Of course, it’s always a good idea to clean a piercing if you think some nasty bacteria has gotten in it :)

  29. Tierra says:

    What metal do the shops use when they pierce the belly button? Surgical steel I’m guessing but I want to make sure

  30. Courtney Magill says:

    I am getting mine pierced for my 16th birthday with is in a couple of weeks. I’m also So posed to be taking my driving test the same day. Should I take my driving test first or after?

    • rachel says:

      Hi Courtney – You really shouldn’t have any issues with a driving test after getting your belly button pierced. It will be a little sore, but nothing unmanageable. However, if you are worried about it, you might as well wait til after you take your driving test. Plus, you don’t need anything else to worry about when you’re taking your first driving test! :) Good luck!

  31. Tierra says:

    I would do it after because they til me not to touch it after I just got mine (2daya ago) and I touched it and they call it vesovagal and it caused me to pass out for like 10 minutes and my body was drenched in sweat and started convulsions (muscles spasms everywhere) literally 20 minutes after I got mine done. At a restraunt. And before I passed out everything went black an i threw up and I don’t remember anything until the ambulance got me. So deff wait until after just In case. And don’t touch it! I got mine done for my 16th bday also I was on vacation in Florida and ended up in the hospital. I’m on my way home now and my belly button isn’t bothering me at all. But happy bday and just do the test after!!! I got in a wreck a month ago cuz my bf passed out at the wheel and we went they a tree. It’s not fun . Sorry so long just lettin you know. Anything can happen! Lol

    • Courtney Magill says:

      So take my driving test then get it pierced?!

      • Tierra says:

        Yes for sure just in case anything like tht happens to you. And it it does dont be scared and panic an take out the piercing. Mine is perfectly fine I didn’t have to take it out

  32. Olivia says:

    I play three sports a year during school.(volleyball, basketball, and softball) what should I do? Get it done or wait?

    • rachel says:

      Your piercing will be fine when you play sports – just be sure to get it pierced with plenty of time to heal before you are well into any of your sports. Too much physical activity right after getting your belly pierced can irritate it.

  33. Jessica Summerlin says:

    Hey guys, im wanting to get my belly button pierced in the next couple of weeks after I get payed but where I work we have to tuck in our shirts. Will that be a problem?

    • rachel says:

      It shouldn’t be a problem unless the shirt is tight fitting. If you just tuck it in so that its a little loose around your belly ring, you should be fine :)

  34. victoria says:

    hey, im almost 14 and going to grade 8 and I really want my belly button pierced but im a bit scared…… most of my friends have it done and say I would look pretty with it done. what does it feel like im scared it will hurt a lot what can I use so I can understand how much it hurts??….I asked my parents if I could get it done and my mom didn’t want me to because her friends belly ring got it infected. I REALLY want it done tho what should I do??? :(

    • rachel says:

      If it’s something you’ve really thought about and you really do want it, then I say go for it! It really isn’t too painful. It is quick and just feels like a big pinch. When I got mine done, I remember thinking it was more sore after than the actual piercing part. You can do it!

  35. Keyn says:

    Hi Rachel! I got my belly button down about 3 weeks ago and it’s doing great it’s still red but they say that’s normal but I’m worried about something else, it’s dry around the balls and I was wondering if you had any advice? My sister had had hers done since he was 15 and I’m 14, she was a lot skinnier than me and the piercer took more skin in between the top and bottom than usual but do you have any advice for dryness? (My sister days it’s from the salt I’m the cleaning solution)

    • rachel says:

      It most likely is from the salt. I would try backing off of the salt solution a little (or use less salt if you’re making your own). You’ll also want to make sure you are rinsing off any soap that happens to get on the piercing. If it continues to look dry, Vitamin E oil could help as well.

  36. loren says:

    I ride horses, run track, and play basketball, and have an outtie belly button could I still get it done?

    • rachel says:

      You can still can an outie belly button pierced. keep in mind that it may look different since the belly ring will lay differently depending on how much of an outie it is :). As for sports, as long as the new piercing doesn’t get bumped around too hard, it will be fine. Just make sure to keep it clean!

  37. Nysha Jay says:

    At What Age Did You Get A Belly Piercing? My Birthday Is Tomorrow and I’ll Be Turning 16, That’s The Age Most Girls Get There’s Right ?

    • rachel says:

      Hi Nysha!
      I got mine pierced when I was 16 as well – that does seem to be a popular age to get it done, but not everyone does, of course. It also depends on your parents :)

  38. Kat says:

    I’m fifteen almost sixteen, and i’m wondering if when I get it pierced, can i change out the balls? I know I cant change out the bar, but what about the ball for some color change. Thank you for any answers in advance. :)

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