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Celebrity Style: Why We Love Kelly Clarkson

We first met Kelly Clarkson back in 2002 when, at just 22 years old, she wowed even the toughest of vocal critics, Mr. Simon Cowell. Not only did she win over Simon, but she stole our hearts (and the show) and went on to become our first ever American Idol.

Over the past 11 years, Kelly has grown up quite a bit. First off, her voice has matured; we’re talking multiple Grammy awards matured. Second, her relationship status has come a long way. Last October she married Brandon Blackstock, a talent manager, and a month later announced that they’re expecting!

Most notable, Kelly’s sense of style has come a long way from her days of pig-tails and strategically-ripped shirts. Never one to care what other people think, Kelly has proven time and time again that she’s not afraid to try different looks, haircuts, colors, etc. Want to see what we mean? Here’s a look at Kelly’s style through the years…


Photo:Ray Mickshaw/

2002: Kelly was queen of hippy-like looks. This was the year she rocked patterns and neutral colors. Meanwhile, Kelly’s hair was taking on a pattern of its own, stripes. This was the year she sported bright, thick, blonde highlights.


2003: Kelly really came into her own following her win on Idol (though we’re sure having a personal stylist on set was a wonderful fashion influence). In 2003 she ditched the highlights for dark brown hair and started wearing more dark colors.


Photo: Lee Celano/WireImage


2004: Once again, Kelly lightened up. She added back the blonde highlights and grew her hair out into long and luxurious locks. As for those dark colors, this year it was about whatever fashion fit her figure.


Photo: James Devaney/WireImage

2005: This must have been the year Kelly finally got up the guts to go all the way, trading in her brunette color to become an all-out blonde. Wardrobe wise, those form-fitting shirts were traded in for belly-bling showing band tees. Hey, when you got it, flaunt it!

2007: Her next major fashion switch wasn’t until two years later. 2007 was the year of short hair and getting back to her roots  (both on her head and in her closet). Kelly toned down her outfits for more sweet and simple styles.


Photo: Snapper Media/Splash News

2008 & 2009: This time it wasn’t Kelly’s vocals or style that was taking center stage. As with any celebrity, the press was quick to monitor when Kelly started to put on a few pounds. Fortunately, this is one star that has a very healthy body image.

As Kelly told SELF magazine, “When people talk about my weight, I’m like, ‘You seem to have a problem with it; I don’t. I’m fine!”


Photo: Joe Kohen/

2010 & 2011: Kelly still sported a full-figure, but by this time she had really learned how to show off those curves! Embracing her body, Kelly wore lots of solid colors and grew out her hair in its (almost) original color.


Photo: George Pimentel/

2012: Love looks good on everyone, and Kelly is no exception. At this point her relationship with Blackstock had really taken off (they were engaged after all). Kelly started to lose the weight and bring the patterns back. Oh, and we can’t forget one more hair change, she went blonde again.

2013: As we already mentioned, this was a big year for Kelly. She won a Grammy, got married, and got pregnant. That said, it seems only fair to focus on the most important accessory a girl can wear, her smile. Check out this beaming bride on her wedding day!

Photo: Koby & Terilyn Brown, Archetype Studio Inc



Tongue Piercing Problems & Prevention

newIt’s common knowledge that your mouth is one of, if not the dirtiest, part of your body. It’s also common knowledge that your tongue is a muscle, unlike many other areas of the body that people traditionally pierce (such as ear cartilage, a lobe, fat, etc.).

So, while you should be diligent with any piercing aftercare instructions, it’s extra important that you take care of tongue piercings. In fact, according to a study by the Eastman Institute for Oral Health, the University of Rochester Medical Center, and the University of Rochester, approximately 24,500 patients went to the ER between 2002 and 2008 with an oral piercing-related injury.

If you’re considering getting a tongue piercing, here is the run-down on the top risks you should be aware of:

1.    Bacteria Build-Up – This one is obvious (and rather gross). Everything from the food you digest to the boy you’re kissing has bacteria. Yes, brushing your teeth, rinsing with mouth wash, even rinsing with water helps, but it’s tough to get every last germ. For this reason tongue infections are not uncommon. When you first get your tongue pierced it’s important to rinse with water after every meal and drink for the next week. After that, remember that your piercing won’t be fully “healed” for a year.

2.    Chipped Teeth – Just think about how many times you’ve been eating and you accidentally bite your tongue. While it hurts your tongue, that’s the extent of it. However, if you have a stud in you run the risk of cracking a tooth. People with tongue piercings have to learn to work around this common issue and sometimes even learn a whole new way of chewing. Note: You could also chip your tooth by accidental clacking (say in a bumpy car) or clenching.

3.    Loss of Taste – Your tongue has lots of little taste buds, and people who have had lip piercings often report a change in taste buds to change.  Nothing major, but it is something that you should be prepared for.

4.    Muscle Trauma – First off, you should know it’s normal for your tongue to bleed a little bit upon piercing. That said, as a muscle the tongue consists of many small blood vessels, and hemorrhaging is a possibility (albeit uncommon, it’s just smart to be informed). If your tongue doesn’t stop bleeding for a while, the best thing you can do is apply pressure with a clean towel for 15 minutes and rinse your mouth with cold water afterwards.

Another muscle-related issue that can arise from getting your tongue pierced is nerve damage. Your tongue may not move as smoothly as it once did, and this can impact your regular speech and eating habits.

5.    Swallowing the Stud – Be sure to check that the balls on the end of your bling are tight before going to bed. While accidentally swallowing the stud shouldn’t cause any medical complications, if the piercing is new enough your hole could close up (not to mention the pain that comes with losing your favorite jewelry).

Ok, you’re probably a little freaked out right now. Don’t be! Most tongue piercings do not result in complications when properly and professionally pierced and maintained. Plus, by taking the last few minutes to read this post you’ve already proven that you’re playing it safe and being smart about this.

One last piece of advice, enjoy showing off your new tongue rings!


Ring in 2014 in Style: Belly Rings for New Year’s Eve

There are a few nights each year when you plan your outfits ahead of time. When you’re going on a big date, when your birthday is right around the corner, and of course, New Year’s Eve.

Everyone wants to start the year off in-style, so how do you stand out? Is it by painting your fingernails with “2-0-1-4-!” or “NYE14?” Is it by the wearing the most outrageous heels? Or maybe it’s by sporting the boldest of belly rings for New Year’s Eve?

If dangling, sparkly, extreme bling is what you need to complete your look then look no further! Here’s the run-down on our five favorite top, over-the-top, top down navel rings (that’s a lot of tops!)…

First off, let’s talk about top down belly rings (also called reverse belly button rings) . Not only are they known to be more comfortable, but they’re also known to turn a few heads. Why? It’s a twist on traditional belly bling. With top down jewelry, the focal point actually sits above your belly button. Most belly bling isn’t set up that way, so people aren’t used to seeing it.

Top Down Hinged Tribal Dangling Belly Ring

belly rings for New Year's Eve: top down belly ring from Belly Bling

We love tribal designs. Not only are they one of the most popular subjects for a tattoo, but tribal design also make for great jewelry! The smooth twist really draws your eye in. Add the right top to compliment it, and you’re ready to go.

Vintage Chandelier Top Down Belly Ring

Belly rings for New Year's Eve: vintage belly ring / chandelier belly ring from

This bling has a little bit of everything: that vintage look that’s so in right now, chains, charms, and a crystal. What more could you ask for? Not to mention that the chains are draped in a way that’s sure to grab everyone’s, or just the right someone’s, attention.

Top Down Vine Belly Button Ring

Belly rings for New Year's Eve: top down gem belly ring

This piece needs no introduction; it’s the epitome of belly bling and is by far one of our favorites on the belly rings for New Year’s Eve list. However, we’ll go ahead and say a few words anyway. Actually, we’ll say three: Oh, la, la.

Winged Heart Top Down Belly Ring

Belly rings for New Year's Eve: heart belly ring from belly bling

With each New Year’s Eve comes new hope. Whether that means for professional success, personal triumphs, or romantic rendezvous, we’ll leave that up to you, but if romance is your “heart’s desire” then why not let it be known? Show off your inner-romantic and hopeful heart with this winged heart top down belly ring. The red crystal is simply beautiful. So is the sentiment.

Top Down Cluster Navel Ring

Belly rings for New Year's Eve: gem navel ring from

This jewelry is colorful, creative, and just plain fun!  What’s more, its reversible, meaning you can wear it as a top down or flip it to go along with a traditional outfit. Either way, it will definitely add a little flare to your evening.

If you’ll be flaunting your bling while ringing in the new year, don’t forget to take a picture and share it: #bellybling


Trend Alert: Owl Belly Rings

image of BellyBling Owl Belly Rings on PolyvoreLast year was all about the mustache. Actually, the mustache was such a big deal that it sort of carried over into 2013 (especially into last month, Movember). However, 2013 has brought on some trends of its own.

What am I talking about? Despite recent YouTube sensation, “What Does the Fox Say,” this year has been ruled by our favorite bird in flight, the owl.



Cookie jars, clutches, t-shirts, earrings, backpacks, belly bling, and more, there is no denying owls are everywhere!  Even the bathroom!

So what is it about owls that has us so enthralled? Perhaps it’s their nocturnal state; as creatures of the night we naturally associate them with mystery and darkness. Not only that, but the fact that they rarely come out during the daytime makes it even more buzz-worthy when we do see them. Essentially, they intrigue us.

Another reason we love owls is for their intelligence. Think about it! This has been engrained in us since we were kids (remember Winnie the Pooh). Whether you learned a thing or two from Pooh’s friend or not, in reality owls actually are one of the smartest birds of prey. Now we can only hope that wearing them makes us feel, or at least look, a little bit smarter too!

Bling Factor: There are several ways for you to get in on this trend…

image of best friend owl belly rings from Belly BlingBelly Bling Besties: Try the Best Friends Owl Belly Button Rings. Not only are these guys in style, but they’re also a great way to show your BFF you give a hoot (pun intended)!



image of breast cancer awareness owl belly ring from Belly Bling

Style for a Cause: The Breast Cancer Awareness Owl Belly Bling is not only cute, it shows your raises breast cancer awareness and shows your support.



image of black owl belly button ring from Belly BlingClassic: The Black Owl Belly Ring is pretty self-exclamatory. Not too flashy, not to drab, this little guy is the perfect accent. He also comes in white.



image of gold owl belly button ring from Belly BlingFancy Pants: This Gold Owl Belly Ring really makes a statement. With beaty-red eyes and a rainbow belly, it’s a show stopper.



Interested in the owl belly rings trend, but none of this bling is your thing? Check out the rest of our owl collection!

How to Get Soft Skin: 5 Easy Tips

PWhether you are or aren’t dreaming of a white Christmas, there’s no denying that as pretty as the snow is, winter weather does a number on your skin.  If you think about it it’s sort of a whammy: each time you step outside the dry, cold air robs skin of moisture; add the increased hand washing needed to avoid cold and flu viruses and it’s a no-win situation.

The worst part: not only is dry skin irritating, it also looks bad!  Imagine going to show off your belly bling and finding it surrounded by red, cracked skin… there’s nothing cute about that!

So, rather than hide your studded skin in shame this season, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some of the pros tips and tricks to keep you moisturized until March 20th (the first day of Spring).

1. Moisturize while your skin is, well, moist! No, this doesn’t mean beating your dryness to the punch, we’re talking about after you get out of the shower. Within five minutes of getting out of the shower lightly dry your skin off and apply lotion. This helps lock it in. PS – For the best effect don’t use lotion, try petroleum jelly.

2. Buy a humidifier – and actually use it! Most of us have one laying uselessly around the garage somewhere, so this idea should be easy to follow-through with. However, if you don’t already own one you can easily buy one for under $50. Having a humidifier around your home requires very little effort on your part (just add water occasionally) and provides a consistent moist environment.

3. Drink lots of water. Some of the best solutions are so simple, and this suggestion shouldn’t be news to anyone. Water is good for you, both inside and out. By drinking plenty of water it helps put some moisture back into your skin.

4. Check for certain ingredients in your lotion. Glycerin has a tendency to bring your body’s moisture towards the area of skin where it’s applied, and ceramides act to lock lotion in while soothing any irritation.

5. Watch what you’re wearing. You would be surprised how your clothes can harm your skin. Natural fibers are easier on dry skin than synthetic fibers (which tend to amplify your itch).

Those are our suggestions, now you tell us:  What are your tips for getting baby soft skin?




Q & A: Gold Belly Rings

Image of real gold belly button ring from Belly BlingAt BellyBling we take pride in our wide variety of quality and affordable jewelry.  That said, when your date wants to buy you a nice birthday present, or you just want to spoil yourself a little bit, surgical steel is not necessarily the type of jewelry that comes to mind.  When you want to wear the best, you think of gold belly rings.

You may appreciate the value (sentimental or financial) of gold, but what do you really know about this precious metal?

Question #1: What is the difference between 14 karat gold and 18 karat gold?

Let’s back up. What’s a karat? A karat is simply a way to measure the purity of gold; it represents the ratio of gold to other metals within the jewelry. Each piece of gold jewelry contains 24 different parts of metal. For example, a 14k gold ring contains 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of other metals.

Now that you understand what 14K gold means, the labels should all start making sense. 18K gold is then 18 parts gold and 6 parts of another metal or metals. 24K gold is 100 percent pure gold.

Question #2: Are certain karats better suited for jewelry?

Yes. Gold is (relatively) soft compared to other metals, and for this reason 14K gold is often ideal for jewelry. Since it’s made up of more assorted metals than 18K gold, it is more durable. This is especially good to know if you live an active lifestyle, in case your jewelry needs to withstand a few blows every now and then.

Added bonus, 14K gold is also much cheaper!

Question #3: How many types of gold are there?image of white gold belly button ring from Belly Bling

First off, all gold starts out yellow. White gold is created when you add alloy nickel or palladium (white metals) with yellow gold. Our selection of white gold belly rings is one of our most popular categories.

image of rose gold belly button ring from Belly BlingWhile yellow gold and and white gold belly are the two most common types, lately a third type of gold, rose gold, is growing in popularity. Rose gold is created by combining pure yellow gold and copper. Adding the copper gives gold a rose colored tint and makes a great update to even the most classic belly rings styles.

Case in point: our rose gold ball belly ring.

Question #4: How do you clean gold? 

Just like when you get your ears pierced and the store hands you a cleaning solution, there are solutions you can buy for your gold. You can also clean your gold using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Note: While we don’t recommend polishing all of your gold jewelry this way, you can clean our line of 14K belly button rings with detergent-free soap and water.

Question #5: Anything else you should know?

While avoiding detergent-based soapy water, you should also avoid chlorine (your eyes aren’t the only thing this chemical takes its toll on). Chlorine can permanently change the color of your gold belly bling. Why take the risk? Leave it at home while you’re at that pool party.

Last but not least, stay away from sand. As we mentioned, real gold is a soft metal. It’s so soft that it can get scratched up when rubbed in or on sand, so before you head to the beach be sure and change out your belly ring for something a little more durable, such as titanium body jewelry or even a flexible plastic belly button ring.

Whether you prefer white or yellow gold, there is no denying that it makes a statement. When you buy it for yourself it says you’re sophisticated, and when given as a gift from a loved one, it says you mean the world.

‘Tis the Season for Bling: Christmas Belly Rings

There is nothing like sitting around watching a classic holiday movie marathon while drinking hot chocolate to get you in the spirit of the season! This is especially true for those days that it’s so cold you don’t want to step outside…

The problem with this lazy day plan is that many of us have a holiday party of some sort coming up, and whether its work related, school, or simply a gathering of our closest friends, we all want to find the perfect outfit.

So, while we can’t help you find the right shirt and shoes we can highlight some belly bling that allows you to add cheer to your outfit without having to leave the comfort of your couch.

christmas belly rings: image of Christmas belly ring from BellyBlingReindeer & Wreath Dangling Belly Ring. Just like Rudolf saved Christmas, the party really didn’t start until you showed up anyway. Be the light of the night with Rudolf-inspired bling. Not only is this little guy cute, but he is also nostalgic. Remember those days when you couldn’t wait for Santa to come? Just think, today’s kids are lucky enough to have a Santa Tracker!



image of snowflake belly ring from bellyblingShining Gems Snowflake Belly Ring. It’s no surprise that as we start to see more and more winter weather, the hashtag #movingtoFL starts to pick up speed. However, much like every snowflake is different every person is different, and there are plenty of people who love the snow. Well, this is for you. This sparkle-studded snowflake makes for a sweet, simple accent to whatever you decide to wear.



image of christmas belly rings: bow belly button ring from bellybling.netBow Belly Ring with Clear Gems. Sometimes you’re the present, and with this bow bling that special someone in your life will be sure not to forget it! Featuring both classic clear and pizzazz purple gems, choose the color that best fits the occasion, or try any of these other bow belly rings.




image of christmas belly rings from BellyBlingDangling Present Belly Ring. There are some years when you know exactly what to get the people in your life and there are some years you don’t. This goes both ways; sometimes it’s your wish list that’s hard to read. Fortunately, this present belly bling can help you get the conversation started. Not only that, but with all those tiny details it also makes for a great personal gift.

After working hard all year, don’t you deserve a little spoiling? What’s on your Belly Ring wishlist this year? 

Stunning Stars: 7 Celebs and their Bling of Choice

Musically gifted or talented actresses, there is one thing these seven women have in common. Sure, they’re all rich (ok, maybe there are two things), but they also all love their bling. More than that, their style is true to both their personality and their art.

Photo: Fameflynet Pictures

Photo: Fameflynet Pictures


Riri has made it public knowledge that she likes
to hang out in tattoo and piercing salons, and
let’s face it, if you do that often enough you’re bound
to wind up with some bling. Why do we love her?
Riri shares our passion for self-expression, whether
it’s a nipple ring, blingy bracelets, or simple stud



Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

Britney Spears

It wouldn’t be a list of female celeb fashionistas without Britney. No matter how much- or little-
she is wearing, whether she’s on the stage or
on the beach, there is no denying this girl knows
how to rock a belly ring. Best of all…. she isn’t
shy about showing it off. 







Photo: 247PapsTV/Splash News Online

Lady Gaga

Known for her outrageous costumes, wigs, makeup
and entourages, it’s rare to get a photo of Lady Gaga without one of her many stage personas, but it’s
worth it when you do. We love it when her over-the-top look takes a backseat and lets an understated style shine through.






Photo: popcrush

Pink has went through several hair colors during her career: pink, purple, blue, blonde, etc., but one thing that hasn’t changed is her nose ring. In fact, she might as well have named herself nose piercing (except that doesn’t have a very nice ring to it).

From her performances to the red carpet, she never misses the opportunity to show it off!



Photo: Getty Images


Drew Barrymore

Once a wild child, it wasn’t too surprising when Drew got her tongue pierced. But actually, it wasn’t even Drew’s idea. She did it for her character in the movie “Whip It,” Smashley Simpson. Her idea or not, after the film finished shooting Drew didn’t have the heart to take her tongue ring out. 



Photo: Giampaolo Sgura/Trunk Archive


Halle Berry

While most women rely on luxurious locks to give them that feminine touch, Halle isn’t one of them. She likes to keep her hair short, and that makes it easy to show off her pierced ears. This makes her the embodiment of the words classy and charm, whether dress to the nines for the red carpet or in cut off shorts for a visit to the Farmer’s Market. 




Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters/Landov


Christina Aguilera

Since becoming a mom in 2008, Christina has scaled back a bit, showing less skin and piercings. But she’s never been afraid to do a 180 degree style switch up, complete with just the right bling. THe proof is here, from a 2004 Grammy Awards post-show shot. 

Just In: 5 New Dreamcatcher Belly Rings

Maybe it’s the magic of Christmas, or maybe it’s some residual Halloween spirit, but either way dreamcatcher belly rings are in style this season!

Here at Belly Bling, we know that while you want to get in on the trend you also want your bling to stand out from the crowd. So while you see dream catchers everywhere, we’ve come up with five twists on the classic design that will make your belly bling the one people notice.


image of dreamcatcher belly ring from bellyblilng.netSteampunk Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring. That’s right, a steampunk dream catcher. As if the name doesn’t say it all, this dream catcher is unique in that it features an industrial-inspired center in addition to a gemmed blessing bead (see our article on Spiritual Style for blessing bead details). This piece brings the ancient Indian relic into the 21st century.



image of antique belly ring from bellybiling.netAntique Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring. Taking the trend in a completely different direction, throw it back to that “antiquey” look. This dream catcher is all about ornate details. While the hoop is made entirely of surgical steel and gems, the different line patterns convey every tone from grey to light blue. This piece is just plain pretty!



image of dream catcher belly ring from bellybling.netDreamcatcher Navel Ring. We said we have five new, different styles, and we meant it! This dream catcher bling is the complete opposite of the antique and steampunk belly bling; it’s very simple. Made of surgical steel and clear gems, this one leaves room for the wind (and good dreams) to blow through.




image of aqua dreamcatcher belly ring from belly blingAqua Dreamcatcher Navel Ring. Ok, so this one is obviously similar to the clear navel ring. However, the aqua tones tend to stand out more than clear gems, and it goes better with blue jeans. As you know, it all really depends on your individual style and what you’re looking for! Both feature the pretty, intricate crisscross pattern.




image of wolf dreamcatcher belly ring from belly blingWolf Dream Catcher Navel Ring. You see wolves on everything from posters to t-shirts, so why not belly bling?  In addition to the wolf, this dream catcher is different because the feathers don’t dangle. Instead they are part of the hoop, as is a turquoise-colored ball. A gem, wolf, gauge ball, and feathers, this belly ring has a little of everything.



It’s All About the Hair: Miley Cyrus


Photo: Instagram

Cute child star-turned-twerking sensation Miley Cyrus turns the big 21 this weekend. While the latest news is her bleached eyebrows (HUH?!), we thought it was a good time to chronicle the star’s ever-changing ‘dos.

Photo: Jesse Grant/WireImage

Photo: Jesse Grant/WireImage

Miley first made a name for herself back in 2006 as the star of Disney Channel’s hit series Hannah Montana. On the show, Miley’s character (quite appropriately) lived a double life, one as an average teenage girl name Miley Stewart and the other as pop-star, Hannah Montana.

Just how did Miley Stewart hide her celebrity? With a wig; brunette to blonde, and no one would be the wiser! However, as drastically different as her two characters’ hair was on the show, no one could have expected how Miley’s 20-something hairstyle would develop from that long-haired brunette we met back in the day!

Check out the evolution of this pop princess…

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

2007: Finding Her Stride

One year into her Hannah Montana career Cyrus added blonde streaks. A little color goes a long way! She had the perfect sun-kissed beach look (Bonus: It also made her look older).

2008: Testing the Waters

Famous or not, every girl has to try out a few colors before landing the right one. In 2008 Cyrus not only dyed her hair back to brunette, but she went even darker than her natural color. Then, a few months later, she went lighter than ever and added bangs.


Photos: People

What do you think? Which was a better look?


Photo: InStyle

She had goregous long, flowing hair, and she embraced it! This was the year of curls and waves.

2010: Chopping It Off

21st Annual MuchMusic Video Awards - Press Room

Photo: StarStyle

No matter how much girls coveted her long hair, it was time for a change. In time for summer 2010, Cyrus had decided to chop it off! After the crop, her hair just barely skimmed her shoulders.


Photos: Yahoo

Cyrus was one of many stars in 2011 and 2012 who decided to try the Ombre look: Light hair on top gradually fading into dark on the bottom, or vice versa. This was sort of a chicken and egg style. Rather she lead or followed the trent, short hair or long (she had extensions), Cyrus worked it.

2013: Shock & Awe

Photo credit: Elle

Cyrus stunned everyone this year when she chopped off her hair and went from chestnut brown to bleach blonde. While the transformation took some getting used to, I think everyone would agree that she looks great no matter how she styles her hair.

Since Miley Cyrus cut off her hair, Jennifer Lawrence has also dared to go short. Who will be next? We’ll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime, send us your predictions!