Are Plastic Belly Rings Safe for a Navel Piercing?

Dear Belly Bling:

“This may be a dumb question, but are plastic belly rings safe for a belly piercing?”

-Curious in Cleveland

From our plastic belly rings collection at BellyBling.netWe love getting questions about the different types of body jewelry, like plastic belly button rings! It’s important to ask these things before switching your jewelry out to ensure that you don’t run in to any trouble down the line.

Although plastic belly rings were once considered only as pregnancy belly rings or maternity belly rings because of their ability to stretch and adjust, plastic belly button rings are now making a name for themselves as BioFlex, PTFE, and Biopierce because of the awesome benefits for even the non-expecting.

One of the most common problems people have with body piercings is their skin’s sensitivity to the metal (mainly nickel) in the jewelry. Flexible tubing, on the other hand, is great for nearly any piercing because it is completely metal-free! This means less stress on your body and a shorter healing time.

Created by a piercer for piercers, plastic jewelry is made from medical-grade plastic. Not only is flexible tubing the perfect alternative for someone who is allergic to metal, but it is also hypo-allergenic. This means plastic belly rings are less likely to cause allergic reactions on belly piercings.

Better yet, since you can adjust the size of the tubing it makes up for the slight swelling you may experience with a new piercing.

Enough of the medical benefits, there are also lots of physical advantages to wearing plastic body jewelry! First off, the plastic is flexible; it will move with your body. This is great for people with an active lifestyle, such as sports enthusiasts.

Another way flexible tubing is more comfortable than metal is the temperature. As anyone who has touched a seat belt knows, metal heats up in the summer and cools down in the winter. However, plastic is more resistant to the heat and cold. This temperature resistance also comes in handy for sterilization, since you can boil the plastic.

Visually, plastic belly rings are great for when you want to show off or hide your belly bling. Plastic piercing retainer from our plastic belly rings collection at BellyBling.netA plastic piercing retainer is perfect if you need to draw attention away from your piercing but want to keep the hole from closing. Simply cut it to size and you’re good to go.

And for those of you with other piercings you may need to hide for a job interview or special occasion, plastic piercing retainers are also available for nose, eyebrow, tongue, labret, and lip piercings.

As you can see, there are many benefits to wearing plastic belly rings. We say, go for it!



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