5 Fashion Trends Always in Style

It’s true that trends come and go- and some we hope never come back again (parachute pants and scrunchies, anyone?). But here are five of our favorite fashion trends that keep us coming back for more. The best part? Jewelry tends to follow suit and complete the look.

Animal prints
animalIt’s probably safe to say that animal prints have been around since the days of loin cloths in the jungle. The call of the wild also makes a great value since animal prints tend to be season-less so investing a little more in a key piece doesn’t seem extravagant. Today, animal prints make a strong statement on accessories from boots and bags to scarves and shoes so they’re a reality for even the most budget-challenged. Our favorite update is the move from traditional browns and blacks to colored animal prints- especially in shades of bright, bold neon. Bling factor: Tap in to your inner wild child with a Zebra Print Belly Ring.




militaryWhile the younger crowd may automatically think “camo” when they hear the phrase “military style,” it actually harkens back to the days of World War II, when its influences were recruited into civilian fashion. Military style is all about the details: gold metal buttons, shoulder epaulettes, double-breasted silhouettes, piping trim, mandarin-style collars. Colors are generally deep and heavy- classic black, rich navy, solid olive drab-which provide the perfect backdrop for those details. Today’s take on military looks fantastic with skinny jeans. What better way to show off all the accents than a simple, slim-fitting silhouette. Bling factor: Sport a Gold Captive Bead Ring to set off gold buttons.


modernAlthough it’s really best described as “minimalist,” this look first made headlines in the groovy late 60s with bold Pucci prints, color block dresses, turtlenecks and miniskirts. Today, it’s evolved to include a more muted, neutral color scheme and simple silhouettes, but still boasts simplicity as its key look. So why does this look never go out of style? It’s easy to transform from daytime shopping to a girls’ night out. Just swap out your jewelry, change your shoes, or do your hair for a totally different look. Modern colors and patterns are very versatile! Bling factor: Nothing says modern elegance like a simple Diamond Nose Screw ring.




menswearLondon calling! British menswear has been around for more than three decades. Dressing kings and commoners, the red carpet and runways, London has seen and inspired it all. In fact, the three-piece suit that we know and love today came from London. It was originally designed for Charles II as a means to avoid wearing the then traditional men’s uniform: breeches and a vest. Nowadays we still love a man who can “suit up,” but it doesn’t necessarily mean a three-piece suit. Three-hundred years later this style has evolved a bit to include a nice pair of jeans and a jacket. Bling factor: The Triple Gem Helix Earring is just enough bling to add a feminine touch.



floralFloral Fashion originated during the Egyptian period when flowers were featured in wreaths; however, it wasn’t until the Roman period that people began to wear flowers. It began with the Greeks, who used them to decorate crowns. After that flowers became a sort of status symbol. For example, in the East floral printed clothing cost quite a bit of money, so you had to have money to wear these items. As you know, today that’s not necessarily the case. Flowers are featured on everything from shirts to our beloved summer sundresses. Bling factor: Antique Flower Belly Ring shows your flower power.





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