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Just In: 5 New Dreamcatcher Belly Rings

Maybe it’s the magic of Christmas, or maybe it’s some residual Halloween spirit, but either way dreamcatcher belly rings are in style this season!

Here at Belly Bling, we know that while you want to get in on the trend you also want your bling to stand out from the crowd. So while you see dream catchers everywhere, we’ve come up with five twists on the classic design that will make your belly bling the one people notice.


image of dreamcatcher belly ring from bellyblilng.netSteampunk Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring. That’s right, a steampunk dream catcher. As if the name doesn’t say it all, this dream catcher is unique in that it features an industrial-inspired center in addition to a gemmed blessing bead (see our article on Spiritual Style for blessing bead details). This piece brings the ancient Indian relic into the 21st century.



image of antique belly ring from bellybiling.netAntique Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring. Taking the trend in a completely different direction, throw it back to that “antiquey” look. This dream catcher is all about ornate details. While the hoop is made entirely of surgical steel and gems, the different line patterns convey every tone from grey to light blue. This piece is just plain pretty!



image of dream catcher belly ring from bellybling.netDreamcatcher Navel Ring. We said we have five new, different styles, and we meant it! This dream catcher bling is the complete opposite of the antique and steampunk belly bling; it’s very simple. Made of surgical steel and clear gems, this one leaves room for the wind (and good dreams) to blow through.




image of aqua dreamcatcher belly ring from belly blingAqua Dreamcatcher Navel Ring. Ok, so this one is obviously similar to the clear navel ring. However, the aqua tones tend to stand out more than clear gems, and it goes better with blue jeans. As you know, it all really depends on your individual style and what you’re looking for! Both feature the pretty, intricate crisscross pattern.




image of wolf dreamcatcher belly ring from belly blingWolf Dream Catcher Navel Ring. You see wolves on everything from posters to t-shirts, so why not belly bling?  In addition to the wolf, this dream catcher is different because the feathers don’t dangle. Instead they are part of the hoop, as is a turquoise-colored ball. A gem, wolf, gauge ball, and feathers, this belly ring has a little of everything.



It’s All About the Hair: Miley Cyrus


Photo: Instagram

Cute child star-turned-twerking sensation Miley Cyrus turns the big 21 this weekend. While the latest news is her bleached eyebrows (HUH?!), we thought it was a good time to chronicle the star’s ever-changing ‘dos.

Photo: Jesse Grant/WireImage

Photo: Jesse Grant/WireImage

Miley first made a name for herself back in 2006 as the star of Disney Channel’s hit series Hannah Montana. On the show, Miley’s character (quite appropriately) lived a double life, one as an average teenage girl name Miley Stewart and the other as pop-star, Hannah Montana.

Just how did Miley Stewart hide her celebrity? With a wig; brunette to blonde, and no one would be the wiser! However, as drastically different as her two characters’ hair was on the show, no one could have expected how Miley’s 20-something hairstyle would develop from that long-haired brunette we met back in the day!

Check out the evolution of this pop princess…

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

2007: Finding Her Stride

One year into her Hannah Montana career Cyrus added blonde streaks. A little color goes a long way! She had the perfect sun-kissed beach look (Bonus: It also made her look older).

2008: Testing the Waters

Famous or not, every girl has to try out a few colors before landing the right one. In 2008 Cyrus not only dyed her hair back to brunette, but she went even darker than her natural color. Then, a few months later, she went lighter than ever and added bangs.


Photos: People

What do you think? Which was a better look?


Photo: InStyle

She had goregous long, flowing hair, and she embraced it! This was the year of curls and waves.

2010: Chopping It Off

21st Annual MuchMusic Video Awards - Press Room

Photo: StarStyle

No matter how much girls coveted her long hair, it was time for a change. In time for summer 2010, Cyrus had decided to chop it off! After the crop, her hair just barely skimmed her shoulders.


Photos: Yahoo

Cyrus was one of many stars in 2011 and 2012 who decided to try the Ombre look: Light hair on top gradually fading into dark on the bottom, or vice versa. This was sort of a chicken and egg style. Rather she lead or followed the trent, short hair or long (she had extensions), Cyrus worked it.

2013: Shock & Awe

Photo credit: Elle

Cyrus stunned everyone this year when she chopped off her hair and went from chestnut brown to bleach blonde. While the transformation took some getting used to, I think everyone would agree that she looks great no matter how she styles her hair.

Since Miley Cyrus cut off her hair, Jennifer Lawrence has also dared to go short. Who will be next? We’ll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime, send us your predictions!


The Deal with Daith Piercings

glamorous lip ringPeople have been expressing themselves through piercings for centuries.  In fact the first known nose piercing took place around 4,000 years ago. Then to now, the piercing world has come a long way. For example, did you know the first model of a piercing gun was patented in 1880? Imagine getting your ears pierced before that time… Ouch!

While some practices have been around forever, others haven’t even been around since the 80’s (and let’s face it, that was forever ago).  Daith piercings first hit the scene in 1992, but while they’ve been around for a while most people still don’t know that much about them. Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions:

What is a daith piercing?ssssss

When you hear cartilage, what comes to mind? Odds are you think of the top outer rim of your ear. A daith piercing is also located on your ear cartilage; however, it’s specifically on the piece of ear cartilage located between your ear canal and tragus.

Why is it called a daith piercing?

If you think the word “daith” sounds like the word “death,” don’t fear. It’s probably just because you don’t know Hebrew. In Hebrew daith translates to the word daath, which means knowledge. What does this have to do with an ear piercing? Given the location, daith piercings were originally considered to be a lure of knowledge. Basically they let important information in while keeping nonsense out.

What type of jewelry can be worn in a daith piercing?

image of daith earring from bellybling.netYou can wear nearly any type of earring in a daith piercing, except for something thatclip on fake cartilage earrings from dangles (but that would look funny anyways). A hoop is the most common earring worn in a daith piercing. This may attributed to the fact that it gives off the effect of coming out of your ear. Other popular bling is a rounded heart, such as the one featured on the left. While a heart and hoop our simple, you can really wear anything you want. You can buy hearts covered in gems or even scorpion shaped daith jewelry. You can also fake a daith piercing with a clip-on cartilage earring too.

Does getting a daith piercing hurt?

ssLike any piercing, it’s going to sting at first, and piercings located in the cartilage naturally hurt more than those located in your ear lobe. However, it’s certainly no worse than an industrial, and fortunately the location makes it easy not to bump it. As you’re probably aware, the less you irritate any new piercing the better it feels, so this is a big bonus!

Gettin’ Blingy With It: Cute Nose Rings

Nose rings have been around for quite some time, and by now this accessory has seen it all. Think about it, everything from kids wanting to rebel against their parents to the Pirates of the Caribbean revival.

Beloved as the classic nose hoop is, after all of its years in style it was due for a creative upgrade. Lately the nose hoop has become more than just a hoop, it’s a hoop adorned in gems, hearts, and pearls.

We’re thrilled to see this new trend: cute nose rings.

If you love to wear nose hoops but want to show off your feminine side, we nose hoop nose ring from bellybling.netrecommend the Heart Nose Hoop Ring. This is the best of both worlds, combining characteristics of the basic nose hoop with a dainty heart and gem. Like the style but purple isn’t your color? Try an aqua, pink or clear gem.

image of star nose ring nose hoop from BellyBling.netIf you want a nose hoop that features a charm but hearts aren’t your thing, try a Star Nose Ring. Made of sterling silver, it also comes in a variety of gems. Choose a classic color (as listed above) or shake things up with an iridescent gem.cute nose rings nose hoops from


If you would rather not have a gem, we also offer a Music Note Nose Ring and a  Flower Sterling Silver Hoop.

Now for those pearls! Mermaid tears, gems of the sea, whatever you want to image of pearl nose hoop nose ring from bellybling.netcall them, Pearl Nose Ring Hoops are an elegant twist on the classic accessory. Whether they’re on your ring or around a nose ring, pearls add a since of simple sophistication to any outfit. Try pink, blue, green, or buy one of each to coordinate with multiple colors and pieces in your wardrobe.

While we try to keep all of our Belly Bling affordable, we understand that you don’t always have the cash (especially with the holidays coming up). Like the idea of a cute nose ring (or two!) but don’t have it in the budget?

fake nose ring nose hoop from bellybling.netGood news, clip-on belly rings can also be used as nose rings! Why not recycle that old belly bling? Just make sure to clean the Non Piercing Naval Ring between different uses.

So what do you think: clean and classic nose hoop or a blingy cute nose ring? Send us a photo of you sporting your favorite type of hoop.

Girls Gone Wild: Animal Print Jewelry


Photo Credit: MTV

The third season of Snooki & JWoww, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jennifer “JWoww” Farley’s hit MTV reality show, premiered a few weeks ago. While it’s clear the girls have done their fair share of growing up since the days of Jersey Shore, some things will never change: Their friendship and their love of animal prints.

If you appreciate purple leopard patterns and rainbow zebra stripes as much as Jenny and Nicole do, then you’re going to love this collection of jewelry!

Whether you have your tongue pierced, you’ve decided to gauge your ears, or you just have a belly button ring, there is something to make everyone happy. Let’s start with the ears and work our way down…image of cheetah ear plug / ear guage

If you’re looking for some wild child gauges, look no further. These fun Cheetah Print Gauges range from an 8 gauge all the way to a 00 gauge. Choose the size that fits your holes now, and if you decide to close them up or stretch them out later you can still maintain the same look. No one wants to outgrow their favorite article of clothing or accessory!

image of Purple Leopard Print Tongue Ring from BellyBling.netMoving on down, there are tons of tongue ring styles to choose from! Take this Purple Leopard Print Tongue Ring for example; it also comes in blue, white and pink.

If you prefer stripes over spots, no worries. A black and white Zebra Tongue Ring might be just the print you need to complete your look. No? If you’re seeking something a little more colorful choose from our assortment of Tiger Print Tongue Rings.

Now for the final stop on our body piercing tour, the belly button. We know Snooki had her naval pierced (just check out this Jersey Shore promo photo), but what type of bling did she wear to the beach? Considering all of the animal themed pillows on Snooki & JWoww, maybe a Zebra Print Belly Button Ring? This particular pack comes with six different colors.image of zebra print belly ring from

Then again, knowing Snooki, it was probably a combination of animal print and bling, and this Crystal Stone Zebra Print Belly Button Ring sure fits the bill! The snazziest piece in our animal print collection, it’s sure to turn a few heads.

So what will it be, lions, tigers and cheetahs, oh my? Natural colors or bright bold themes? There are lots of different prints and styles to choose from, but which one will bring our your inner animal?


Mustache Belly Rings for Movember

image of mustache belly ring from belly blingWe’re just a few days into November, and while you don’t see a lot of men growing out and styling their facial hair just yet, that will soon change. November has come to take on many names, including No-Shave-November and Movember.

What began as a fun tradition has grown to represent something much more, prostate cancer awareness. Breast cancer awareness (acknowledged year round with pink clothing and ribbons) is often addressed, but the cancer that only affects men hasn’t been so publicized.

Perhaps it’s because men like to portray such a tough exterior, but prostate cancer has definitely taken a backseat both in the media and in our minds… until now.

So this Movember, support the movement by encouraging those around you to trade in their clean shaves for 70s handlebars! Meanwhile, you can show your encouragement by wearing mustache belly rings.

With five options to choose from, pick the stache that speaks to you! Each bling comes in barbell form and features a gem in addition to the mustache charm. You can even invite your BFF to join you with Best Friend Mustache Belly Button Rings.

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 238,590 men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. Of that, 29,720 men will die from it this year. What can you do to get those numbers down? Get the word out!