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Busting Belly Piercing Myths

belly piercing For the past 10 years, MythBusters has taught us everything from the falseness of the “5 Second Rule” to the plausibility that a baseball player’s eye black actually diminishes the sun’s glare. But while we love Adam and Jamie for keeping us entertained, the show’s predominantly male cast hasn’t put any piercing myths to the test. That’s where we come in…


Myth: It’s best to get your belly button pierced in the summer
Finding: Busted

Explanation: Odds are in the summertime you’ll want to show off your new bling with slightly shorter tops and two-piece swimsuits. Unfortunately, short tops mean sun exposure, and you shouldn’t go swimming (in a pool, river, or ocean) for at least six weeks once you get a piercing. Keep your new piercing clean and safe from the elements. Avoid the temptation, enjoy your summer in the water, and wait a few months to get your belly button pierced.

Myth: Anyone can get a belly ring
Finding: Busted

Explanation: Everybody, and every body, is different. Some people’s belly buttons are naturally better suited for a piercing. You need to have the right shape to get a traditional top belly button piercing, so ask your piercing artist if your body is compatible.

Myth: You can choose any type of belly ring to wear when you get your belly button pierced, so long as you leave it in for the suggested amount of time
Finding: Busted

Explanation: It takes your body awhile to get used to a new piercing. As a result, there is an initial period of swelling. In order to avoid complications you should give your new hole room to accommodate for this swelling, and curved barbell belly bling has just the right shape and length to give your new piercing a little free reign as it gets used to your new accessory. While we know there is a LOT of cute bling to choose from, hold off to guarantee a healthy heal.

Myth: Putting Neosporin or any other antibacterial lotion on a belly piercing will help it heal faster
Finding: Busted

Explanation: Neosporin, and lotion in general, can get stuck in the hole. Even if you only put a little on and think you’re doing a good job of cleaning it out, you might be surprised. Lotion residue stuck in your piercing can trap bacteria, and that’s the last thing you need! If you still aren’t convinced, bacteria or no bacteria, the piercing needs to breathe in order to heal properly… which is difficult to do if it’s caked in lotion.

Myth: If your piercing does get infected, you should take out the jewelry
Finding: Busted… sort of

Explanation: First and foremost, if your belly piercing is infected you should consult your piercing salon. They’ll probably ask you a few questions (maybe even have you come in for a consultation) and then gauge the severity of your infection. If the salon thinks it’s necessary, they may tell you to remove the jewelry. However, in most cases there are cleaning solutions and things you can do to keep removing the jewelry a last resort. Yes, if you take the jewelry out your hole will close, and you may find yourself starting the whole process all over again.

When you get a new piercing, whether it’s your ears, your belly button, or your eyebrow, knowledge is key. Hopefully we were able to answer some of your questions that Adam and Jamie haven’t covered on their hit show and that you’ll have a positive piercing experience as a result! Be sure to check, for more belly & navel piercing info.



Style to Go: Six Must-Have Beauty & Fashion Apps

People use their phones for everything these days: sending an email, checking Facebook, playing games, mapping out road trips, creating budgets, finding the closest pizza place. We decided that beauty and fashion tips shouldn’t miss out on all the fun, so we’ve rounded up some of our favs here:


poseThink of it as Instagram for clothes. Pose invites you to take photos of what you’re wearing, and tag the brands. Then, when you’re all done, share the photo so Pose users can give you feedback on your style.




color geniusSome days you want your nail polish to match your outfit. Other days you wonder what makeup would best bring out the blue shades in your scarf. That’s where L’Oreal Paris Color Genius comes in! Take a photo of what you’re wearing, and select a color in the photo. Decide if you want to match or rebel, and the app does the rest, spitting out suggestions!


coppertoneEverybody has done it! You go out for a fun day on the beach, underestimate how long you’ve been in the sun, and get a little too much color. Nothing ruins a good outfit like tomato red skin. Coppertone MyUV Alert helps you avoid the next day sun-soaked regrets. All you have to do is type in your location and tell the app your skin type. Then it lets you know when it’s time to apply sunscreen based on the UV index, temperature, and all that good stuff. You can even set it up to sound an alarm.



haircasterHere is another fashion faux-pas that we know entirely too well. You spend an hour or so on your hair only to step outside and have it fall flat or frizz out. Well not anymore! Type in your zip code and hair type (fine/full, wavy/straight), and Haircaster will give you a head’s up in regards to what the weather will do with your hair. Need I say more?




spaLifebooker is an awesome app that helps you figure out what spas and salons to avoid with customer reviews. Once you’ve found a winner, schedule an appointment through the app! But wait, one more thing. This app also gives you some great deals so be sure to check out the “Buy Loot Deals” tab before you go in.



beautylish“B” stands for Beautylish, and while it may not be a real word it is a really popular app! Consider it the Pinterest of the makeup world. Browse through millions of makeup and hair style photos until you find your favorite. Don’t worry about not knowing the right brand of mascara to buy- read the uploader’s personal how-to and purchase the recommended products on the spot! Tips, tricks and no checkout line? Does it get any better?


5 Fashion Trends Always in Style

It’s true that trends come and go- and some we hope never come back again (parachute pants and scrunchies, anyone?). But here are five of our favorite fashion trends that keep us coming back for more. The best part? Jewelry tends to follow suit and complete the look.

Animal prints
animalIt’s probably safe to say that animal prints have been around since the days of loin cloths in the jungle. The call of the wild also makes a great value since animal prints tend to be season-less so investing a little more in a key piece doesn’t seem extravagant. Today, animal prints make a strong statement on accessories from boots and bags to scarves and shoes so they’re a reality for even the most budget-challenged. Our favorite update is the move from traditional browns and blacks to colored animal prints- especially in shades of bright, bold neon. Bling factor: Tap in to your inner wild child with a Zebra Print Belly Ring.




militaryWhile the younger crowd may automatically think “camo” when they hear the phrase “military style,” it actually harkens back to the days of World War II, when its influences were recruited into civilian fashion. Military style is all about the details: gold metal buttons, shoulder epaulettes, double-breasted silhouettes, piping trim, mandarin-style collars. Colors are generally deep and heavy- classic black, rich navy, solid olive drab-which provide the perfect backdrop for those details. Today’s take on military looks fantastic with skinny jeans. What better way to show off all the accents than a simple, slim-fitting silhouette. Bling factor: Sport a Gold Captive Bead Ring to set off gold buttons.


modernAlthough it’s really best described as “minimalist,” this look first made headlines in the groovy late 60s with bold Pucci prints, color block dresses, turtlenecks and miniskirts. Today, it’s evolved to include a more muted, neutral color scheme and simple silhouettes, but still boasts simplicity as its key look. So why does this look never go out of style? It’s easy to transform from daytime shopping to a girls’ night out. Just swap out your jewelry, change your shoes, or do your hair for a totally different look. Modern colors and patterns are very versatile! Bling factor: Nothing says modern elegance like a simple Diamond Nose Screw ring.




menswearLondon calling! British menswear has been around for more than three decades. Dressing kings and commoners, the red carpet and runways, London has seen and inspired it all. In fact, the three-piece suit that we know and love today came from London. It was originally designed for Charles II as a means to avoid wearing the then traditional men’s uniform: breeches and a vest. Nowadays we still love a man who can “suit up,” but it doesn’t necessarily mean a three-piece suit. Three-hundred years later this style has evolved a bit to include a nice pair of jeans and a jacket. Bling factor: The Triple Gem Helix Earring is just enough bling to add a feminine touch.



floralFloral Fashion originated during the Egyptian period when flowers were featured in wreaths; however, it wasn’t until the Roman period that people began to wear flowers. It began with the Greeks, who used them to decorate crowns. After that flowers became a sort of status symbol. For example, in the East floral printed clothing cost quite a bit of money, so you had to have money to wear these items. As you know, today that’s not necessarily the case. Flowers are featured on everything from shirts to our beloved summer sundresses. Bling factor: Antique Flower Belly Ring shows your flower power.





Picture Perfect: 6 Tips for Looking Great in Pictures

photoSchool is back in session! The downside, you have more homework. The upside, more friends around means more opportunities to hang out and take pictures!

So how do you guarantee that you won’t become the laughing stock of your next girls’ night out photo shoot? Try these six tips and tricks of the trade and you’ll be looking great in pictures.

1.    Keep your tongue behind your teeth. We love this trick because it’s so simple. This will help the muscles in your face relaxed, giving you a more natural smile.

 2.    Keep yourself level with the photographer. If the camera is pointed up to your eyes, you may find yourself wondering when you grew a double chin. Hopefully the photography won’t shoot at this angle, but if he/she does you can always lower yourself to that level. Another way you can slim down your chin is to extend your neck. To create this effect, push your chin out an extra inch.

 3.    Don’t put your hand(s) on your hips. Every girl has at least one photo where they’re rocking the hip hand (dubbed the “arm triangle of insecurity”), but it doesn’t always translate well on camera, and instead comes across as fake and posed. For a more natural look, hold your shoulder back a bit and bend your arms away from your chest. The angle of your arms is the same idea as having your hand on your hip, but it looks a lot better!

 4.    Watch the makeup. Not only does the camera add 10 pounds, but it will also bring out your eye shadow and blush. The moral of the story, go easy on the makeup to avoid looking overdone.

 5.    Angles, angles, angles. Tilting your head just slightly to one side can have a major impact on your photo. Why? It’s all about the eye! We’re not talking about your eyes in the photo, but the way your eyes view the photo. When you’re looking directly at the camera, your eye tends to look left to right as you skim the resulting picture. However, when your head is tilted your eye will start at your neck and work its way up, making you look thinner. Neat, huh?

 6.    Clothing is key. While fine in person, patterns don’t make anyone look their best on film. For that reason, stick to solid colors. Now about those solids… Reds and pinks are great for grabbing attention, but if its weight you’re worried about, blacks, browns and deep purples will make you look skinnier.


All Eyes on You: Eyebrow Rings

What body part do you think men notice first when they look at a woman? According to several recent surveys, most men look at a woman’s eyes before anything else (or at least that’s what they’ll admit to).

If eyes really are a woman’s feature first impression, then why not flirt a little? Jazz up your eye imprint with one of our favorite eyebrow rings!

Summer Stripes UV Eyebrow Ring

Summer Stripes Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Even though summer is a memory, fun-in-the sun can live on with this eyebrow ring featuring a whimsical pattern and a variety of bright eye-catching colors. Better yet, it a cheap belly ring! At 99 cents a piece you can afford to buy a few to match several outfits.



Double Gem Eyebrow Ring

Double Gem Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Simple, its classic! You can’t go wrong with a basic eyebrow ring; choose from nine different gems to match your shirt or compliment your eye color.



Short Spear Eyebrow Ring

Short Spear Eyebrow Piercings RingWhy we love it: The short spear eyebrow piercing ring is unique. It’s a little rebellious but not so much that your mom will object. Plus it’s made out of surgical steel, so it looks good with almost anything.



Titanium Eyebrow Ring

Titanium Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Colored titanium naturally has a night life glow, meaning it still works in low light settings. Also, because these rings are made of titanium they will cause less pull on your piercing (titanium is 40 percent lighter than steel).



Silver Dolphin Eyebrow Rings

Silver Dolphin Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Unlike owls, dolphins are one of those creatures that never go out of style. This eyebrow ring is sweet and simple. It also conjures up images of warm, sandy locales, even as the temps are dropping and the leaves are turning.



Spiked UV Flexible Eyebrow Ring

Spiked UV Flexible Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: When you find a piece of jewelry you like, you don’t want just one. Our spiked UV flexible eyebrow ring lets you switch up the color while keeping the design you love, and at just $.99 you can afford to get a couple!



Gold Crystal Gem Eyebrow Ring

Gold Eyebrow RingsWhy we love it: Gold is hot, hot, hot. And while real gold belly button rings can be spendy, this one boasts the high end look of gold at an every-day price. A crystal accent adds a pop of color.






Can You Have a Belly Button Repierced?

Dear Belly Bling:

Can I have my belly button repierced if I don’t like where the current hole is? 

- Curious in California

piercing1Yes! If you’re unsatisfied with the current placement you can have your belly button repierced.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind…

Even if you’re aiming for a different location of the hole, your new piercing may still cross paths with your old scar tissue. Unfortunately, like getting a tattoo cover-up, it hurts more to pierce scar tissue. That said, odds are if you didn’t mind getting your belly button pierced the first time then you probably won’t find having your belly button repierced as too painful. It’s just something to be aware of.

Also, be sure to take care of your first hole as you let it close up. Any piercing you get, ear, eyebrow, belly button, etc., will leave a scar. The good news is that that scar will be minimal (like a small freckle) as long as you protect the hole. Make sure your old belly piercing stays clean as it closes up. You won’t want to show off the new navel piercing if it’s outshined by a scar!

One more thing before you consider having your belly button belly image of belly button ring from bellybling.netbutton repierced, the old piercing isn’t the only hole you’ll want to take care of. Since you’ve already had your belly button pierced, you probably know it takes approximately nine months to heal. During that time you should avoid swimming and other activities that put the piercing at risk of infection. In addition, you need to clean your hole daily when it’s first pierced. Getting a new piercing is a commitment. Be certain you’re up for the maintenance before you remove the belly ring from the original piercing.

It’s also important to note that each body and piercing are different. While it shouldn’t be a problem, ultimately your piercing artist will let you know if he/she foresees any complications with have your belly button re-pierced.

Good luck!

Hayden’s Hair: Bold Bangs

Photo Credit: CBS

Photo Credit: CBS

At just 24 years old Hayden Panettiere has done a little bit of everything; prime-time television shows, animated movies, soap opera special appearances, and even video game voice-overs. This wide variety is fairly common for any starting starlet, trying to get a feel for what they’re good at, who their audience is, and what they like to do.

Now, after having spent nearly three-fourths of her life in front the cameras (debuting in 1994 on the soap opera One Life to Live), we like to think that Hayden has finally found her niche on the ABC hit series, Nashville.

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

On Nashville Hayden plays Juliette Barnes, a spunky country singer with a great sense of style. Both on camera and off, Barnes (and Hayden) know how to rock their outfit and wear their hair.

In fact, unlike her many different roles, Hayden’s hair hasn’t changed too much over the years. The actress normally sports medium to long length hair, more often than not it’s wavy, and her bangs are grown out… that was until last Wednesday.

Making a guest appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Hayden shocked her fans by showing off a new hairdo that included blunt bangs and straight hair.

Photos Credit: Film Magic/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Film Magic/Getty Images

Even though Letterman didn’t mention her new haircut in the interview (did he even notice?), the media sure did. Gaining more exposure than the premiere of Season 2 of Nashville, bloggers and paparazzi alike have spent the past several days buzzing about the bangs.

But will we be seeing any more celebrities chopping off their long locks for clean-cut bangs? We think so. Geometric haircuts are on the rise this fall, meaning it’s just a matter of time before more Hollywood hotties follow suit. Props to Hayden for leading the way!

So tell us, what do you think of Hayden’s transformation from bangless beauty to a sharp cut star?