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Choosing a Piercer: 5 Things to Look For

girl with dreads lip ring earringsYou’ve thought about it for a while now, and you’re 100 percent sure you want a piercing. There are just too many cute feather belly rings, cool tragus earrings,  and fun labret jewelry to pass up. That just leaves one more important question: How do you go about choosing a piercer?

While it may seem like all practicing tattoo artists and body piercers should have enough experience under their belt to give you a safe, well-done piercing, there are a few things the Association of Professional Piercers says you should look out for.

1.    A license. Despite what you may think, this is not always a given. Some areas do not require a license, and there are studios out there in operation without Health Department approval.

2.    Clean tools and sterilizer. Some things are obvious, make sure they wash their hands and wear gloves, but unlike a hair salon, tools should not be soaked in a cleaning liquid. Unless the needle and equipment came out of a sealed, sterile package, do not let a piercing artist use it on you!

3.    Hygienic studio. Are the rooms divided up based on their happenings? You don’t want people in the waiting room distracting your piercing artist. Also, if the place isn’t clean, don’t put yourself at risk of infection. The walls should be washed and the floor should be vacuumed or swept. Furthermore, the building shouldn’t be your only concern. The artists should also appear bathed.

4.    Artist credentials. Browse the artist’s portfolio when choosing a piercer. It takes experience to know how to properly pierce a belly button. In the photos, does the piercing compliment the client’s anatomy? Does it look like the artist knows what they’re doing? It’s ok to trust your gut. If the portfolio contains oddly placed piercings, are their photos showing the piercing healed up and looking cute? If you don’t like the artist’s work, don’t let them make your body their next canvas.

5.    Aftercare advice. Even though the word “after” is in the title, ask for a pamphlet, brochure, paper (whatever they call it) before you get your piercing done. If they don’t have written aftercare instructions, it should be a red flag. If the writing instructs you to use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or harsh soap on your piercing, don’t get a piercing at that salon. These products are too hard on your piercing and can consequently cause infection and irritation. Mild liquid soap or sea salt water are considered the best cleaners.

Now that you’re aware of the major salon warning signs you should be able to make a decision that you can be confident and happy about. Now all that’s left is to enjoy your new piercing!

Lighten Up! Try Titanium Body Jewelry

33259-titanium-owl-belly-button-ring_1_320What metal is used in aircrafts, hulls of ships, hip joints, engines? And…makes for great belly bling like this little owl beauty?

This summer give titanium body jewelry a try. Titanium weighs 40 percent less than steel (what most naval rings are made out of), which means titanium bling will tug less on your piercing. This is important because less pull means less stretching out your hole!

So where is the downside? You’d think what it lacks in weight it also lacks in strength. You’d be wrong! It’s the hardest metal on earth. This makes it harder to scratch than silver and gold jewelry. Better yet, titanium body jewelry won’t tarnish as easily as your silver and gold.33258-blue-chandelier-titanium-belly-ring_1_320

However, if you do have to clean your titanium jewelry all you need is warm water and mild dish soap. If you’re working with colored titanium it’s best to wash it by hand, otherwise submerge the jewelry in the soapy water and gently rub it. Wipe the titanium clean with a soft towel when you’re done.

Bonus: It’s completely hypoallergenic! Not only is it safe for people who are allergic to metal, but you can tan, swim in salt water, or work up a sweat without risk of irritating or discoloring your skin.

26673-0-gauge-star-tunnel-black-titanium-plated_1_320Titanium has been a quietly-growing category on What began as a few shiny-colored, non-dangling belly rings has grown into nearly 100 options, ranging from pretty gem-accented dangling belly button rings and colored gem dermals to ear gauges, ear tunnels- even fake tragus clip on rings!

What do you think? Now that you have the facts are you ready to lose some weight? Cut back on the stress and stretching of your piercing with titanium body jewelry.36725-fake-tragus-clip-on-ring-rainbow-heart_1_320


Tell us what your favorite titanium piece is!


What’s Hot: In-N-Out Split Belly Rings


Split Belly Button Rings

image of lizard belly ring, in and out belly ringWarning: This lizard does bite! Side effects include a playful demeanor, compliments, and increased attractiveness.

Remember when you vacationed in Florida and saw all of those little reptiles running along the boardwalk? Now you can take one with you. These guys are literally charming! Show off your wild side, and your belly bling, with a split lizard belly ring.

In-and-Out belly rings- also called split belly rings- are trending right now, and we can see why. They’re designed to look like they’re crawling through you, one with you (which makes sense considering your belly button piercing is part of your body).

Not only are these split lizard belly rings cute, but there is a story behind the lizard. Lizards are known for two things:

  1. Their ability to shed their old tails and grow a new one
  2. Their quick reaction times

Because of these associations, the lizard has come to symbolize letting go of things that we no longer need or that we have outgrown. In turn, they’re about moving on, growing up, and constantly striving to get what you want out of life.

Don’t get me wrong, belly button studs and hoops are always in style, but if you really want to grab attention and tell someone about you, try a lizard split belly ring. We have a few more to choose from- a chameleon, a gecko, even a dragonfly belly ring- you can find them on our Non-Dangle Belly Rings page.

If you’ve picked up one of these fun little guys, let us know! Send us a selfie!

Split Belly Button Rings

Split Belly Button Rings


Hanging Out Over on Google+? Creating Sets on Polyvore? Join Us!

Are you hanging out over at  Google +? Creating sets on Polyvore? Be sure to check in with BellyBling!


You can find our new Google+ page here: BellyBling Google+ page.

We’ll be posting weekly deals on belly rings, showing off new bling as we get it in, sharing articles, videos, celebrity news, trend alerts, announcing contests, and more.

image of google+ bellybling page



We’re also super excited to be on Polyvore. You can follow us by going here: BellyBling Polyvore page.

And be sure to look for the Polyvore button on our product pages. It makes it easy to add bling to the sets you’re creating.


Batman set with Batman Belly Ring

Batman set with Batman Belly Ring


Are Plastic Belly Rings Safe for a Navel Piercing?

Dear Belly Bling:

“This may be a dumb question, but are plastic belly rings safe for a belly piercing?”

-Curious in Cleveland

From our plastic belly rings collection at BellyBling.netWe love getting questions about the different types of body jewelry, like plastic belly button rings! It’s important to ask these things before switching your jewelry out to ensure that you don’t run in to any trouble down the line.

Although plastic belly rings were once considered only as pregnancy belly rings or maternity belly rings because of their ability to stretch and adjust, plastic belly button rings are now making a name for themselves as BioFlex, PTFE, and Biopierce because of the awesome benefits for even the non-expecting.

One of the most common problems people have with body piercings is their skin’s sensitivity to the metal (mainly nickel) in the jewelry. Flexible tubing, on the other hand, is great for nearly any piercing because it is completely metal-free! This means less stress on your body and a shorter healing time.

Created by a piercer for piercers, plastic jewelry is made from medical-grade plastic. Not only is flexible tubing the perfect alternative for someone who is allergic to metal, but it is also hypo-allergenic. This means plastic belly rings are less likely to cause allergic reactions on belly piercings.

Better yet, since you can adjust the size of the tubing it makes up for the slight swelling you may experience with a new piercing.

Enough of the medical benefits, there are also lots of physical advantages to wearing plastic body jewelry! First off, the plastic is flexible; it will move with your body. This is great for people with an active lifestyle, such as sports enthusiasts.

Another way flexible tubing is more comfortable than metal is the temperature. As anyone who has touched a seat belt knows, metal heats up in the summer and cools down in the winter. However, plastic is more resistant to the heat and cold. This temperature resistance also comes in handy for sterilization, since you can boil the plastic.

Visually, plastic belly rings are great for when you want to show off or hide your belly bling. Plastic piercing retainer from our plastic belly rings collection at BellyBling.netA plastic piercing retainer is perfect if you need to draw attention away from your piercing but want to keep the hole from closing. Simply cut it to size and you’re good to go.

And for those of you with other piercings you may need to hide for a job interview or special occasion, plastic piercing retainers are also available for nose, eyebrow, tongue, labret, and lip piercings.

As you can see, there are many benefits to wearing plastic belly rings. We say, go for it!



Trend Alert: Spiral Belly Rings

We’re well into summer now, and that means more time by the pool, more time soaking up the sun, and more opportunities to flaunt your belly rings. If you’re looking for a new way to highlight that body you’ve worked so hard for, don’t miss some of our newest long spiral belly button rings.

Traditional spiral belly rings were based on a simple barbell design twisted to be worn horizontally, but these new vertical twisted spiral belly rings stretch to new lengths- some are even about 2″ long!

These beauties can’t be covered up with a shirt, and why would you want to? This “twist” on the classic definitely makes a statement, adding pizzazz and personality to day in the sun.

As far as putting them in, it’s the same idea as putting in horizontal spiral belly rings. Take off the jewel, insert one end into the piercing, and gently twist (note: it’s not as scary as it looks, just ask YouTube).

We currently have simple gem-accented long twisted belly button rings like the one above, as well as some with a bit more bling in the form of sparkling flowers and hearts, but keep checking back for more styles soon. And as always, be sure and let us know if there’s a spiral twisted belly ring you’d like us to offer- leave a comment below or give us a shout out on our BellyBling Facebook page.

If you’d rather start out small with a more traditional twist belly ring, we have you covered with a range of styles: titanium, 14k gold, and glow in the dark belly rings, even multi-packs. Give this page a click to see them all: Spiral Belly Button Rings.

Spiral Belly Button Rings

Talk Back: Parental Guidance?

caputoThis season on TLC’s Long Island Medium, Theresa notices via Skype that her daughter Victoria- who’s away at college- is suddenly sporting a new nose ring, AND a new tattoo on her wrist. Later in the show, Victoria comes home from college and reveals another tattoo, proclaiming “I can make my own choices for myself” when her Mom gets in a snit over these discoveries. The ironic part? Her father stands across the room, with tattoos covering his own arms!

And let’s not forget the child stars growing up and sporting their own tats and body jewelry. The list is getting longer: Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens. Even Amanda Bynes made the news (again!) with her new cheek piercings. There is something confirming about seeing the stars you’ve idolized grow up and suddenly have piercings and tattoos to flaunt.



So if you’re a teen or young adult, talk back to us and tell us:

Did you let your parents know your plans for a piercing or a tattoo? If not, what was their reaction when they found out?


Self-Tanning Tips and Tricks to Look like a Golden Goddess

WLet’s face it; there is nothing attractive about showing off your belly bling while you have pale skin. However, not all of us have the time- or the desire- to lie out and soak up the summer sun. So what do you do when there is an impromptu pool party?

This self-tanning checklist is guaranteed to give you that sun-kissed glow without making you look like an oompa-loompa (sorry Charlie).

1.    If you’ve never used self-tanner before, buy the lotion kind. It can be a challenge to apply spray-on self-tanner evenly, and you don’t want to miss a spot! Either purchase lotion or foaming self-tanner.

 2.    Exfoliate the night before, then moisturize. This one should be obvious. You want to get all of the dead skin off before you use self-tanner. At the same time, dry skin can cause streaking. Note: Be sure to leave a couple hours between the time you put lotion on and the time you put on the self-tanner! 

3.    Prepare your hair (this is especially true if you’re a blonde). It is possible to stain your hair with self-tanners. Before you get started put conditioner or Vaseline along your hairline. This way you can rub out the tan line worry free.

4.    Wear gloves. Throughout the application process, your hands will absorb more color than the rest of your body. Cover them while you do your arms, legs, face, etc. Then take off the gloves, and put self-tanner on the back of your hands.

5.    Be aware of ‘tricky’ body parts. Your elbows and knees will look darker. To accommodate, use the lotion sparingly on these areas. Another tip: mix a little regular lotion with the tanning lotion which will dilute the color slightly and keep those areas from looking darker than the rest of your arms and legs. Also, don’t forget about your ears! White ears are a guaranteed giveaway that your tan is fake.

6.    Consider blow drying when you’re done. This will help the lotion dry more quickly so you avoid staining your clothes.

All of that trouble and your self-tan still looks uneven? No worries. Take a cotton ball covered in rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover, to the streaks. This will help tone things down.

Good luck!

Now it’s your turn: How do you achieve the perfect sun-less tan? What’s your favorite brand of self-tanner? 

Self Tanning Tips & Tricks

Self Tanning Tips & Tricks

Celebrity Style: Beyoncé

Although we know she wasn’t exactly referring to belly rings in her hit song Put a Ring on It, megastar Beyoncé certainly has been rocking the belly ring bling lately.

In her new campaign for H&M, the pop star beauty sports some understated navel rings along with the oh-so-sexy bikinis. hm

And who can forget her turn on Shape magazine this past spring?










Beyoncé is one of those stars not afraid to switch up her style, and the constant change is just one of the things that we love about her. From her early days on the stage with Destiny’s Child to her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, and on to super-stardom, she’s never afraid to try something new. Even motherhood hasn’t slowed down her evolution of style.

Here are just a few of our favorite Beyoncé looks, and the belly rings that we thing would make the perfect finishing touch.

Style: Cute & Casual 


for bk1

This look is all about the updated accessories- colorful stilettos, long pendant, zippered bag, bold hat. An animal print belly ring in an unexpected bright yellow would make a real statement.







Style: Sleek & Sophisticated


ring for bk2

Nothing is more striking than the clean lines of a classic white suit. And nothing is more classic than a real gold belly ring in 14k gold. Cubic zirconia accents add a little extra bling.






Style: Funky & Retro


for bk3

So many styles would work with the fringe and peek-a-boo style of this dress, but we’re leaning towards this circle shield belly ring. The Swarovski crystals add plenty of eye-catching style without being distracting since it lies flat.







Style: Feminine & Fun


for bk4

In-and-out belly rings like this chameleon belly ring creates two distinct focal points- perfect for peeking through a sheer dress or top.




Style: Pretty & Versatile


for bk5

Throwing a menswear-inspired jacket over a pretty lace top gives you the best of both worlds- much like this cute reverse belly ring. You get the simple stud accent and a dangling butterfly.


Twice as Nice: Double Belly Button Piercing

girl in bikini with double belly button piercingSo, you’ve had your belly ring piercing for a while now and you’re ready to add some more bling. Or maybe you haven’t had your belly piercing done yet and want to go for maximum impact. Either way, you might want to consider doubling up- two piercings!

The most common double belly button piercing is to have one on the top and one on the bottom. Another option is to get a piercing on each side. Both are great ways to wear two belly rings at the same time, so you can flaunt coordinating colors or themes. Wear a non-dangling starfish belly ring on top and dangling anchor belly ring on the bottom for a cute summer look. Are you a cowgirl at heart? Pair a cowboy boot belly ring with horse belly ring and you’re set.

country girl with double belly piercing

Or if you’re wild about feather belly rings, you can wear one on each side with a side-by-side double belly button piercing.

Having a piercing on top and on bottom is also a great way to add visual impact without having to always wear dangling belly rings because two piercings will visually add length.

And if two piercings are still not enough, multiples are also possible: three piercings across the top and one on the bottom creates a super cool look, or one on each side and on the top and bottom to create a cross pattern which is sometimes called a cage… the options are endless.

If you have a double piercing or multiples- send us your photos! We’d love to see just how you wear your belly bling.