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Naughty Belly Button Rings or Nice Belly Button Rings

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Does Santa know that you have been a nice girl? A nice girl that needs some really nice belly button rings.

Nice Belly Button Rings

Nice belly button rings for nice girls only makes sense, right? Of course, you know that nice girls need really nice belly button rings, but does the person shopping for you know that the very special girl in their life wants nice belly button rings wrapped up and in her nice girl stockings? Give that someone who is doing the shopping some hints by, well, I don’t know, how about sending them a link to this blog post, for example. Or drop some hints that go something like this:

Oh, honey. I have been such a very good girl this year and you know, nice girls, we deserve some really nice belly rings. Oh, what’s a nice belly button ring, you ask? Well, good girls like me think that a nice belly ring should come in gold. A nice navel ring could be a white gold ring or maybe several nice navel rings would have sparkling gems or gold crowns.

If you are looking for some visual aids, send the shopper to look over these really nice belly button rings.

Nice Girls Need Nice Belly Button Rings

Nice Girls Need Nice Belly Button Rings

Naughty Belly Button Rings

Hmmmm, maybe you know that you have been a naughty girl this year. Maybe Santa knows you have been a naughty girl this year. Maybe that someone special knows you have been a naughty girl this year, but that someone special is going to get you some naughty belly button rings because that someone special likes that you are a naughty girl. Naughty girls need naughty belly rings. How do you know if you are a naughty girl? A naughty girl hangs mistletoe over her chair at work and wears naughty navel rings underneath her power suit. A naughty girl wears a naughty belly button ring that has dangling handcuffs as charms. A really, really good naughty girl, wears a naughty belly ring with dangling bunnies – without anything else on. A naughty girl doesn’t take herself too seriously and can wear a naughty navel ring that sports a humorous nickname that some people loathe. Naughty girls don’t even need someone else to buy them naughty belly button rings, because naughty girls can buy naughty belly rings themselves. We’d like to show you some of our favorite naughty belly rings but thought it might be better for you to see them for yourself. One of our more viewer friendly naughty belly button rings is seen here.

Naughty Girls Need Naughty Belly Button Rings

Naughty Girls Need Naughty Belly Button Rings

Christmas Belly Button Rings

Naughty or nice, every girl needs some fun Christmas belly button rings for some holly jolly fun. Wearing Christmas belly button rings with your favorite holiday dress or wearing sparkling Christmas belly button rings to your office Christmas party can be a fun, flirty way to celebrate. Think of yourself as one of Santa’s helpers. Every Santa’s helper should have her own Santa hat, right? Who said your Santa hat has to be worn on your head? Why not wear a dangling Santa hat Christmas belly ring instead. Jingle bells, jingle bells, for naughty and nice Christmas lovin’ girls.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. The weather outside may be frightful, but inside, the fire is certainly delightful. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow while wearing naughty belly button rings, nice belly button rings, or Christmas belly button rings. Which one are you going to wear this holiday season?

Holly Needs Jolly Christmas Belly Button Ring

Holly Needs Jolly Christmas Belly Button Ring

Happy holidays from all of us at!

Glow in the Dark Tongue Rings are Awesome Tongue Rings

Glow in the dark tongue rings are a hot addition to any outfit for a night on the town. has a variety of both UV tongue rings and cheap glow in the dark tongue rings for sale. Some of our glow in the dark rings include a flexible option in either blue or clear, and the popular Smiley Face Glow in the Dark Tongue bar. If you’re looking for something that will really drop jaws, then try the vibrating tongue ring that glows in the dark as well. If that’s not enough then you’ll love our light up tongue ring that flashes multiple colors in the night.

UV Tongue Rings : different from a glow in the dark tongue ring, a UV tongue ring needs a black light to glow. Choose from tons of fun colors and patterns to turn heads at your next party.

Tongue Ring Sizes : All of our glow in the dark tongue rings and UV tongue rings are 14 Gauge with a 5/8” barbell length and a 1-1/16” end to end length and have tongue ring balls of 2 gauge.

To shop glow in the dark tongue rings, UV tongue rings, and all other glow in the dark jewelry, visit


Check out some of our awesome tongue rings in this video:


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Ear Gauge Sizes Chart

Ear Gauge Size Chart

Ear Gauge Sizes in Order

Ear gauges sizes in order right here and right now! Keep all of those ear gauge sizes in order, finally, with this handy dandy fashionista ear gauge sizes chart made for you by us right here at You asked us, what are the sizes for ear gauges? We have answered with this ear piercing gauge sizes chart that illustrates all ear gauge sizes. This illustrated graphic is better than a list of ear gauge sizes. It visually shows you the progression of sizes for ear gauges so you can better understand your own ear gauge sizing in relation to all ear gauge sizes. Not only does it present to you an easy to understand infographic of ear gauge sizes, it gives you the ear gauge sizes in order from 14 gauge to 00 gauge. Not only does this ear gauge sizes chart show you ear gauge sizes, pictures of the sizes up to 00 gauge, it shows the ear gauge sizes after 00 gauge – on up to 1″.

Ear Gauges Sizes Chart

Ear gauges sizes chart in an easy to understand infographic? Yes, please. Print this ear piercing gauge sizes chart off if you plan on slowly stretching your gauge sizes. Ear plugs should be gradually increased. You can follow your progression with this infographic of all ear gauge sizes. Follow your progress of ear ear stretching with a list of ear gauge sizes and don’t forget to put together an ear stretching kit by using the sizes for ear gauges shown on the ear gauge sizing chart.

Gauge Ear Sizes for Yourself Now & Later

Gauge ear sizes for yourself now and later. In other words, if you plan on stretching your ear gauge sizes, plan ahead with the right ear gauges in the right ear gauges sizes. Map out where you want the ultimate ear gauge sizing to end. For example, let’s say you want to get to a 00 gauge and you are currently at a 14 gauge earring. That’s a long way to go. Map out from the beginning (14 gauge) to the goal of 00 gauge. What are all the ear piercing gauge sizes in between? All ear gauge sizes in between need to be purchased before you start your ear stretching adventure. Don’t skip an ear gauge size. Make a list of ear gauge sizes and get them. Alternatively, you could just buy one ear gauge size at a time as you slowly make your way into the ear stretching world.


Sexy Corset & Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer

If you’re like me, you have a lot of bling! It usually gets thrown in a drawer or a jewelry box and those little belly button rings and things get lost in the mix. It’s a total mess. So we were super excited to find these hot little jewelry organizers from Umbra including the little black dress jewelry organizer, the little black tee, and little black corset jewelry organizer. These cute jewelry organizers take a twist on the traditional hanging jewlery holders and add sexy style to your closet. The Umbra black dress jewelry organizer was the original and now you can find the umbra little black tee jewelry organizer and corset jewelry holder here at BellyBling too.

Depending on the little black dress jewelry organizer you choose, each have clear pockets that are perfect for holding belly button rings, body jewelry, and other necklaces and earrings you need to find easily. The little black dress jewelry hanger and holder has loops which are a great solution for those long necklaces or bracelets.

If you have someone that’s hard to shop for on your Christmas list this holiday season, a little black dress jewelry organizer is a perfect gift that’s not only adorable but functional too. Here’s a few more specs about the little black dress jewelry organizers:

Check out the little black dress hanging jewelry organizer on BellyBling!

Which of the three is your favorite?