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Belly Chain Necklace: Hot Waist Necklaces & Chains

Belly Chain Necklace

A belly chain necklace is the new belly button ring. If you want to make a bigger impact in your overall look, a belly chain necklace is going to give you big bling bang. With reasonable priced belly chains available, a Bling Bling Fashionista does not even have to feel much pain in her rhinestone studded wallet. With an emphasis on your waist, you’re going to want to wear low slung or low ride jeans. Low riding skirts, pants, or even a dress with cutouts along your waist can be paired for a sexier fashion statement when worn with a belly necklace. Think of the waist necklace just like you would a beautiful necklace worn around your neck. A necklace belly chain is just another fashion accessory, although arguably a much hotter fashion accessory than a traditional string of pearls. However, any piece of body jewelry from a belly button ring to a necklace waist chain can be worn sexier, depending on how you wear it, with what attitude you wear it, and what you are wearing it with. Even Grandma’s string of pearls can be sexier if you wear it with the right attitude and style.

So, although belly necklaces are sexy, remember, to wear your belly necklace chains with the right attitude and with the right style that gives you the confidence in your own personal sense of style to make you feel like you have it all going on.

See how belly chains are worn in this video:

Waist Necklaces

Waist necklaces come with many different dangling charms, so finding a necklace waist chain that fits your personal style, is not going to be as difficult as getting something from Tiffany’s. Belly button chains with butterflies,

Belly Button Chains with Butterflies

Belly Button Chains with Butterflies

a gold belly chain with a fabulous crown fit for a queen,

Gold Belly Chain with a Queen's Crown

Gold Belly Chain with a Queen’s Crown

or even waist chain jewelry with winged hearts can adorn your waist, satisfying your personal sense of sexy style.

Waist Chain Jewelry with Winged Heart

Waist Chain Jewelry with Winged Heart

Belly Necklace

A belly necklace can be worn if you have your belly button pierced, of course, but you can also get a belly necklace even if you don’t have your belly button pierced. Pierced belly chains always have a belly button ring that actually inserts into your belly button piercing. So, if you are an Audrey Hepburn Fashionista or not, you can find the right belly chain necklace at

Pregnancy Belly Rings for the Trendy Mom-To-Be

Pregnancy Belly Rings for the Trendy Mom-To-Be

Pregnancy belly rings for the trendy mother-to-be might as well be part of your maternity shopping. With more and more future mothers accessorizing with body jewelry, pregnancy belly button rings have become an essential part of getting ready for nine months of waiting on the stork to show up with that swaddled bundle of joy. With more and more women wanting maternity belly button rings, plenty of custom belly button rings are being produced to meet the demand of women who are pregnant. Belly button rings that can be trimmed to just the right length as well as a focus on pregnancy belly rings made from materials least likely to cause allergic reactions are becoming more plentiful. Fashion and feeling beautiful does not stop when a woman becomes pregnant. Celebrate your pregnant body and have fun wearing the many different styles of pregnancy belly rings.

Pregnancy Belly Button Rings as Announcements?

Pregnancy belly button rings are a new and fun way to announce a pregnancy. Belly button rings for pregnant women now include dangling charms that announce you now have a baby on board, like this adorable blue surf board pregnancy belly button ring.

Baby on Board

Baby on Board

Alternatively, more subtle but equally as sweet pregnancy belly button rings are also available. When a mother-to-be is planning the nursery, she might love the idea of baby animals as a way to decorate everything from the crib’s sheets to the curtains to the wall decor. Now, moms-to-be can wear those cute baby animals as a pregnancy belly button ring. Isn’t this baby giraffe a sweet maternity belly ring?

Pregnancy Belly Button Ring

Baby Giraffe Pregnancy Belly Button Ring

If the baby giraffe doesn’t capture your heart, we are sure that the stork delivering your precious bundle wrapped in a blanket captures the essence of waiting for your baby’s arrival. With sparkling pink gems or baby blue gems, these stork pregnancy navel rings are sure to be welcomed into any collection of belly rings for pregnancy.

Stork Delivers Maternity Navel Ring

Stork Delivers Maternity Navel Ring

Maternity Belly Button Rings

Maternity belly button rings should be flexible and comfortable. Ideally, a great maternity navel ring is going to grow with you as your belly grows. Custom made belly button rings with a flexible plastic barbell can be a great choice. Belly button rings during pregnancy just need to make room for the growing bundle of joy inside. Maternity belly button rings designed for this are the best bet for providing style while being comfortable. With the many different styles, designs, and materials available, the nine months of waiting for the stork’s arrival doesn’t have to be one without fashionable belly bling.


Check out this video for a peek at more styles of pregnancy belly button rings:

Surgical Steel Nose Rings

Surgical steel nose rings are a great option for your nose piercing. Not only are they durable, but they are ideal for those who have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain metals. All of our surgical steel nose studs are made out of 316L surgical steel in either 20 gauge or 18 gauge. Not to be confused with stainless steel nose rings, surgical steel is actually a type of stainless steel. Many of our surgical steel nose rings feature shimmering cubic zirconia crystals that subtly catch the light. Sport the latest nose ring trend with a nose hoop in 18 gauge or 20 gauge, or even 16 gauge with one of our captive bead rings.

Check out this video for a peek at some of our surgical steel nose rings:

Looking for surgical steel belly button rings? We have a large selection to choose from along with other surgical steel body jewelry.