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Owl Belly Button Ring Trend

Who is on the look out for an owl belly button ring (pun fully intended)? This trend is a-flutter and owl belly button rings can be found worn by the regular Who’s Who in the body jewelry fashion scene. Don’t let the birds fly South for the winter by the time you pick up a sexy dangling owl belly ring or a simple non-dangling owl belly ring.

We made this video showing off some of our favorite owl belly button rings.

At BellyBling, we feature a wide selection of owl navel jewelry, like this Black Owl Belly Ring, or this cute Owl Belly Button Ring with Marquise Gems. Find a pretty in Pink Owl Belly ring or you might find another owl belly button ring with sparkling gems and dangling charms you love. These owl belly button rings are typically 14 gauge with either a standard 7/16” or a shorter 3/8” curved barbell length. If owls are not your preference, we have other bird belly rings as well as navel rings featuring the ever popular Angry Birds. Have a hoot with your closest friend by wearing one of the bird-themed Best Friends belly button rings – brand new to our collection. We are always adding more colors and styles of owl belly button rings. Check back often to see what we’re adding to the site for owl belly button rings.

Bird Belly Button Rings

Bird Belly Button Rings: Feather Fashion

Bird belly button rings have created a feather fashion frenzy of delight. You might say, bird belly button rings are causing a hoot among those of us who consider owl-selves Fashionistas. All puns aside, if you want to stay hip on body jewelry trends, you must get yourself some bird belly button rings and some owl body jewelry.

Ladies, listen up and flock together over here in a fashion huddle to hear about what is hot right now. I don’t know if it is because everyone is crazy for those crazy Angry Birds pelting themselves like kamikaze pig destroying commandos or if it is the mysticism that has always surrounded birds, especially the owl, but I am seeing birds everywhere. And no, it’s not because I’ve been clunked on the head and have tiny little tweeting birds flying in a circle above me like a halo of feathers. I am seeing the young tweens and teens sporting Angry Bird belly button rings like they are just waiting for those pigs encapsulated by blocks to appear out of nowhere. Yes, they are ready and waiting for you little piggies with their trendy Angry Bird belly button rings.

I have been seeing all those young 20-somethings out and about with their hoot-hot owl jewelry, owl necklaces, and owl ear gauges. With so many big round owl eyes out there watching me, I’m starting to think I’m living some bizarre Fashionista loco life from my mother’s music era – Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” and my grandmother’s black and white movie era – that crazy scary Hitchcock movie called “The Birds”.

Speaking of Fashionistas with wisdom…those hipster 30-somethings are walking everywhere decked out in feathers from head to toe. I’m seeing feathers in their hair. Dramatic feathered (like an owl) eye make-up. Feathers dangling from their ears. Feather belly button rings popping up in every hipster coffee shop, retro clothing store, and after hours hipster hang out. Yesterday, I saw two, count them, two sparrow belly button rings on two different style saavy brunette and blonde beauties:  one leaving the salon where I go for much needed pampering and one at the gym emerging from the pool with water droplets cascading off of her body like she was a goddess emerging from the waters of creation.

I have to say, fellow Fashionistas, that bird belly rings, owl body jewelry, and anything with feathers is the hot, must wear Fashionista accessories this season. Don’t wait until the birds fly south for the winter to get your bird belly button rings. The time for everything bird is NOW. While you’re at it, get your younger Fashionista sisters and cousins some Angry Birds belly button rings.

Bird Belly Button Rings: A Fashion Hoot

So, let’s check out some of these bird belly button rings. You have the always hot dream catcher belly button rings, which I’ve written about before, that feature those dream catching dangling feathers that have captured the dreams of so many celebrities and Fashionistas. Now, we also have owls. Check out this adorable little owl. I mean, who – who can resist this cute belly button ring?

Remember those sparrow belly button ring goddesses I told you about? Yeah, they were wearing these sparrow belly button rings. Hot bird fashion. Those birds better be careful or they are going to get fried; they are so hot.

And for those Angry Birds fans out there, we have your Angry Birds belly button rings with plenty of twinkling sparkle. I would not be flinging these Angry Birds at any pigs, however. They are way too cool to be wasted on pigs.

Bird Belly Button Rings: A Fashion Who’s Who

Who – who loves birds and owls? How about Jessica Alba. Notice how her bracelet’s design looks like the owl feathers on her Lauren Moshi Owl Swing Tank. Nice touch, Jessica.

Jessica Alba wins our Who’s Who in Hot Owl Fashion! Coordinating a bracelet that mimics the owl’s feathers while wearing an owl t-shirt. Jessica, we give you 3 HOOTS for hot fashion. All she needs now is some hot owl body jewelry or a fashionable bird belly button ring.

Now, we think you should show us your favorite bird belly button ring. Check out these bird belly button rings and owl body jewelry at

Types of Nose Piercings

Different types of Nose Piercings: Nose Piercing Types

The types of nose piercings chart seen here indicates the different nose ring sizes or nose ring gauges commonly found. A 20 gauge nose ring is one of the most slender of sizes. An 18 gauge nose ring is slightly thicker through the barbell or the stem portion of the nose ring. Some specific nose piercing types have a larger barbell width or gauge, such as a 16 gauge horseshoe nose ring. So, what’s in a gauge? When you get your nose pierced, make sure to discuss with your professional piercer which gauge and nose ring types you should wear during the initial healing process and which gauge as well as different types of nose piercings is best after healing. This is typically true for any kind of body piercing or body modification.

Nose Piercing Types Chart

If you look at the types of nose piercings chart, you’ll see that different piercing locations often correspond with different types of nose piercing jewelry.

Types of Nose Piercings

Often, the location or types of nose piercing determines what style of nose ring jewelry types to wear. For example, one of the most popular types of nose piercing jewelry is the nostril piercing on either the left or the right nostril. Traditionally, the nostril piercing has been referred to as the “ala” nose piercing. Many cultures in many different countries have had ala or nostril piercings as part of their symbolic cultural expressions. For example, it is part of the Indian Ayurvedic medicine tradition to pierce a woman’s left nostril to enhance her childbirthing abilities. In Ayurvedic medicine, the left nostril is associated with the female reproductive system.

Other different types of nose piercings, like the septum piercing you see on the nose ring size chart, is another common nose piercing for both women and men. Some people think of it as the bull nose piercing. These types of nose piercings do not go through any bone or even the cartilage wall dividing the right and left septum. Instead, a professional piercer uses the “sweet spot”, as it is commonly called, below the cartilaginous wall dividing the right and left septum. Really, it is just the skin of the septum that is being pierced. Different rings like horseshoes and captive rings can be used as septum jewelry.

The bridge piercing, as seen on the types of nose piercing jewelry chart, is one of the most difficult nose piercing types to successfully achieve. Once again, the bone and cartilage is not pierced. This is actually a surface piercing which makes it susceptible to migration. Migration is when the body rejects the piercing, pushing it to the surface. Basically, the body heals the piercing away.

The nasallang piercing, sometimes called the 3 in 1 industrial of the nose, is a difficult nose piercing that you should only have an experienced professional piercer perform. It is 3 piercings in one. The right and left nostril are pierced as well as the septum allowing for a straight long nose ring like a straight barbell or industrial barbell to be inserted through all 3 piercings at one time.

The vertical nose tip piercing, often though to be one of the most painful types of nose piercing, starts in the cartilage in between the nostrils and travels upwards, coming out at the tip of the nose. This nose piercing type is also referred to as the “Rhino”, due to the protrusion that the nose jewelry creates at the tip of your nose. The resemblance to a rhinoceros is especially evident when a spiked barbell is worn. The Rhino is one of the most unusual and different types of nose piercings, did not even become popular in America until about 10 years ago. These types of nose piercings were seen on members of Africa and South American tribes, but have now made their way to us and have become part of the modern piercing repertoire. A 14 gauge or 16g curved barbell is typically worn in a vertical nose tip piercing.

Looking for other types of nose piercings? Try a high nostril piercing for something different. It is  higher up than the traditional ala or nostril piercing. It is trickier to pierce as a result.

Types of Nose Piercings: Nose Ring Types

The nose ring types chart shows you how different styles of nose rings work best in specific nose piercings or specific locations on the nose. You wouldn’t guess it due to the typical nose screw that comes to mind when envisioning a nose ring, but there are many nose piercing jewelry types. For example, one of the more common nose rings is the captive bead ring or hoop nose rings. You’ll see a captive bead ring worn ala or as a septum piercing. A lot of captive bead rings or nose hoops are 16 gauge, so make sure they are going to fit into your nose piercing.

If you look on the nose piercings types chart, you’ll see the nose bone, sometimes thought of as the nose stud, has a rounded bulb at the end to hold the nose ring in place. Bone nose rings are used in nostril piercings. They have a short stem or barbell with a bead on the end. The skin tightens around the nose bone holding it in place. Nose bones and nose studs can come in 20 gauge or 18 gauge.

As you can see from the nose ring types, the nostril screw has a straight stem that turns at an angle to form a curve in which to hold the nose screw in place. If you want a secure nose ring that is not going to easily fall out, the nose screw is a good choice. It is not as easy to insert as a nose bone or nose stud, but the advantage of having a nose ring not shift around is a huge plus. A nose ring similar to the nose screw is the L-shaped nose pin. Just like the name suggests it is a nose ring with a stem shaped like an uppercase L. Once again, the L-shaped nose pin holds the nose ring in place. The nostril screw and L-shaped nose pin are for nostril or ala nose piercings. The nose screws are typically 20 gauge or 18 gauge.

The horseshoe or circular barbell has beads or balls on either end. It is worn as an ala or as a septum nose piercing as you can see on the chart showing different types of nose piercings. The gauge of the horseshoe can vary greatly. It can be 16 gauge or smaller or bigger. Many people gradually increase the size of their septum piercings, which is one of the locations a horseshoe is commonly worn, therefore, increasing the size or width of the gauge size of the nose ring needed. The horseshoe is also worn as an ala nose ring and sometimes as a bridge nose ring although it is more likely that a curved barbell is used in the bridge piecing or a straight barbell.

Due to the migration problems often associated with bridge piercings, a PTFE, bioflex nose ring or a bioplast bridge nose ring is often recommended. Curved barbells or surface bars are often worn in these piercings with varying gauge sizes.

The nasallang nose piercing out of necessity has to be a straight barbell of some kind that can pass through all 3 piercing locations, as you can see on the the nose ring types chart. Talk to your professional piercer to determine which kind of body jewelry would work best.

The high nostril ala piercing is typically a small slender 20 gauge stem or a small labret stud. Like other nose cartilage piercings, these types of nose piercings are done with a needle and receiving tube, but require extra special attention during the aftercare as to not become infected and to reduce swelling on the inside of the nose as much as possible. Seat salt spray is commonly recommended by professional piercers as a way to keep the inside of the nose sanitary.

Which nose rings and nose piercings are your favorite and why? Tell us the pros and cons you find between nose screws, nose bones, and captive bead rings? We want to hear back from you and as always, check out to find the right nose ring to fit your style and keep this page bookmarked so you can reference this handy types of nose piercings chart to see the different types of nose piercings.

Hello Kitty Body Jewelry is the Cat’s Meow for Cute Kawaii Fashion

Hello Kitty Body Jewelry History

Hello Kitty body jewelry is the cat’s meow for cute Kawaii fashion in Japan and it is increasingly one of the hottest trends in fashion accessories as well as body jewelry worldwide.

Kitty White, the adorable bobtail white cat featured on all of the Hello Kitty body jewelry got her start in Japan as far back as 1974. She made her modeling debut on a vinyl coin purse where her image was nestled between a goldfish bowl and a bottle of milk. Hello Kitty body jewelry would not have risen as one of the cutest body jewelry trends if it were not for the creator Yuko Shimizu who was hired by the founder of Sanrio, Shintaro Tsuji, to create an adorable cartoon character. Tsuji hired many cartoonists to bring to life a line up of cute characters to adorn many different items, including the fashion accessories we have become accustomed to seeing on anyone who cares about fashion trends. Kawaii, in Japanese culture, is the adoration of the adorable. In other words, wearing something cute, like Hello Kitty body jewelry, is Kawaii. Characters like Hello Kitty are adorning everything in the Kawaii or cute world of Japanese culture. But cute fashion has become the new sexy and is now appreciated and worn worldwide. Hello Kitty clothing, Hello Kitty accessories, and Hello Kitty body jewelry has taken on the fashion scene full throttle as evidenced by the many celebrities who love wearing that adorable Kitty White.

Hello Kitty Body Jewelry & Celebrity Fashion

Hello Kitty is hot in celebrity fashion. Have you seen Paris Hilton in a fabulous Hello Kitty dress? Those red heels, big red earrings, and red hair clip make this a stand out fashion double take.

As you can see on most Hello Kitty body jewelry and other Hello Kitty apparel, Kitty White is always seen with a bright red bow. Hilton’s red accessories and jewelry accentuate the Hello Kitty trademark red bow. She’s a real life cute turned sexy Kitty White doppelganger.

It’s not just Paris Hilton that is getting in on the Hello Kitty craze. The queen of pop herself, Britney Spears is seen wearing Hello Kitty body jewelry like this adorable and sexy Hello Kitty necklace.

Britney knows how to make the cute Hello Kitty image sexy with her steamy and sultry eyes. With the right make-up, the right clothing, the right hair – a cute fashion accessory like a Hello Kitty necklace or Hello Kitty body jewelry such as Hello Kitty belly button rings, Hello Kitty micro-dermals, or even a Hello Kitty tongue ring can increase the sexiness of your overall look. In this case with Britney and with anyone else who pairs the cute and sexy mash-up into their style, the combination of cute with sexy increases the sultry sexiness of the overall look.

It is the contrast in image and form that makes this fusion of cute and sexy so desirable. It’s why sexy singers like Christina Aguilera to fashion models like Heidi Klum have been seen with Hello Kitty fashion accessories. This fashion fusion technique is examplified in the Hello Kitty tongue ring.

Get the Sexy Sanrio Hello Kitty Look

So, how do you get the sexy Sanrio Hello Kitty look? It’s simple. Decide which part of your body you want to highlight and get the Hello Kitty body jewelry that works for you. If you love the mash-up sexiness of a Hello Kitty tongue ring, you can flirt with Kitty White’s image on the tip of your tongue for fun and sexy games of peek-a-kitty-boo. Here you’ll find tons of Hello Kitty body jewelry – choosing your favorite will be the hard part. You can find Hello Kitty belly button rings, Hello Kitty nose rings, Hello Kitty micro-dermals, Hello Kitty tongue rings, and so much more Hello Kitty body jewelry for your fun, flirty, and always sexy cute fashion. How you turn the Hello Kitty body jewelry into the celebrity worthy hotness, is remembering to pair it up with the right sexy make-up (look at those sexy glossed lips above or Britney Spears’ eyeshadow) with the right sexy hairstyle, and the right sexy clothing. Add your cute Hello Kitty body jewelry and you have a crackling sexy fashion delight that is going to speak volumes. Hellooooo Kitty! Me-Ow!

Video: Hello Kitty Belly Button Rings

Hello Kitty belly button rings are a hot trend. We put together this video to show some of our new favorites you’ll find on the site. While you’re here, be sure to check out all of the Hello Kitty belly button rings.

Can’t listen to the video? No worries. Here’s the run down on what you’ll hear:

Hello Kitty Belly button rings are here. Are you a fan of the famous Hello Kitty? This pop culture icon has appeared on a multitude of fashion accessories over the past decade, from purses and handbags, to t-shirts and clothing, to lunchboxes, shoes, hair accessories and of course – jewelry. Find Hello Kitty body jewelry for all of your piercings including cute new Hello Kitty belly rings at Hello Kitty navel rings combine cute and sexy. At BellyBling, we feature a wide array of Hello Kitty belly button rings that are just as adorable as the white kitty herself. Find your perfect combo of sexy and cute in these Hello Kitty belly button rings that are 14 gauge with either a standard 7/16” barbell or a shorter 3/8” curved barbell length, depending on your preference. The Hello Kitty logo belly button rings feature the Japanese icon Kitty White with her red bow on different backgrounds, and our UV Hello Kitty belly ring features a UV dangling Hello Kitty charm. Looking for something besides a Hello Kitty belly button ring? If you have other types of piercings, we also carry Hello Kitty dermal anchors, nose rings, and Hello Kitty tongue rings, available in both 11/16″ and 5/8″ barbell lengths. Check back often for more Hello Kitty belly button rings and body jewelry coming soon, right here at 

Sterling Silver Belly Button Rings Hit the Silver Fashion Scene

Why Sterling Silver Belly Button Rings?

Sterling silver belly button rings hit the silver fashion scene. When it comes to fashion and elegant couture, you can always count on silver. This is why we think sterling silver belly rings are the right choice when shopping for fashionable belly rings. Sterling silver belly button rings are made from a unique combination of pure silver and copper. This combination of metals is what makes the sterling silver in the sterling silver belly rings so pliable to shape uniquely beautiful silver belly rings. Pure silver is too soft and that is why sterling silver navel rings are crafted with natural copper. This combination is often referred to as 925 sterling silver or .925 sterling silver. When shopping for sterling silver belly button rings, look for 925 sterling silver belly rings.

Sterling silver has been popular for over 4000 years. Obviously the ancient Egyptians had good fashion sense. Sterling silver is just as hot today as it was in King Tut’s day. We’ve put together a few silver Fashionista beauties to show why we think sterling silver navel rings are the hot new silver to hit the fashion scene. When you think of silver, do you think of a gorgeous Silver Anoushka G Couture Evening Dress? We do. Silver is always lovely as this evening gown exemplifies.

When you wear real silver belly button rings, you are hearkening to the brilliance of silver across the fashion scene. The luster of a sterling silver belly ring is not meant to be hidden, but to be seen by all eyes on the fashion scene. Silver is so luscious to those in the beauty biz that Dior has created a luscious silver eye shadow. Feast your fashionable eyes on the Dior Haute Couture AW 2012 Beauty.

Getting lost in those silvery eyes is a fashion must. Are you beginning to see why a sterling silver belly ring is a fashion must? Silver is everywhere in fashion. You know what adds more sparkle to your silver eyes? Wear a shimmering sterling silver nose ring. Or be a sexy flirt and play some peek-a-boo with glints of a sterling silver tongue ring.

From the tops of models’ eyes to the bottom of their fashionable feet. Wouldn’t you want to walk a fashionable mile in these Sergio Rossi Silver Leaf Stilettos?

Shop for Sterling Silver Belly Button Rings for Stunning Silver Style »

From the top to the bottom and everything in between, silver is a Fashionista’s first love. Don’t forget fabulous sterling silver toe rings when selecting sterling silver body jewelry.

When you are shopping for belly button rings, consider real sterling silver belly button rings, like this fabulous top down sterling silver navel ring with sparkling gems.

Top Down Sterling Silver Belly Button Ring

Top Down Sterling Silver Belly Button Ring

Real silver belly rings are a fashion must when it comes to body jewelry. When you want to hit the high end of fashion, think of the silver fashion scene. Wear real sterling silver belly button rings to hit the silver fashion scene.