All Eyes on You: Eyebrow Rings

What body part do you think men notice first when they look at a woman? According to several recent surveys, most men look at a woman’s eyes before anything else (or at least that’s what they’ll admit to).

If eyes really are a woman’s feature first impression, then why not flirt a little? Jazz up your eye imprint with one of our favorite eyebrow rings!

Summer Stripes UV Eyebrow Ring

Summer Stripes Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Even though summer is a memory, fun-in-the sun can live on with this eyebrow ring featuring a whimsical pattern and a variety of bright eye-catching colors. Better yet, it a cheap belly ring! At 99 cents a piece you can afford to buy a few to match several outfits.



Double Gem Eyebrow Ring

Double Gem Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Simple, its classic! You can’t go wrong with a basic eyebrow ring; choose from nine different gems to match your shirt or compliment your eye color.



Short Spear Eyebrow Ring

Short Spear Eyebrow Piercings RingWhy we love it: The short spear eyebrow piercing ring is unique. It’s a little rebellious but not so much that your mom will object. Plus it’s made out of surgical steel, so it looks good with almost anything.



Titanium Eyebrow Ring

Titanium Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Colored titanium naturally has a night life glow, meaning it still works in low light settings. Also, because these rings are made of titanium they will cause less pull on your piercing (titanium is 40 percent lighter than steel).



Silver Dolphin Eyebrow Rings

Silver Dolphin Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: Unlike owls, dolphins are one of those creatures that never go out of style. This eyebrow ring is sweet and simple. It also conjures up images of warm, sandy locales, even as the temps are dropping and the leaves are turning.



Spiked UV Flexible Eyebrow Ring

Spiked UV Flexible Eyebrow RingWhy we love it: When you find a piece of jewelry you like, you don’t want just one. Our spiked UV flexible eyebrow ring lets you switch up the color while keeping the design you love, and at just $.99 you can afford to get a couple!



Gold Crystal Gem Eyebrow Ring

Gold Eyebrow RingsWhy we love it: Gold is hot, hot, hot. And while real gold belly button rings can be spendy, this one boasts the high end look of gold at an every-day price. A crystal accent adds a pop of color.






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