Q&A: Claddagh Belly Button Rings

image of  one of bellybling.net's Claddagh belly button ringsWith St. Patrick’s Day coming up, we’ve received several questions about our Claddagh Belly Button Rings. Well as you know by now, your wish is our command! Here are the answers to some of your top questions about these intriguing symbols.

Q: Where do claddagh rings come from?

A: Claddagh rings have been around for quite some time. In fact, the actual date is unknown simply because there are so many old legends surrounding the symbol. For example, one legend says that a woman named Margareth Joyce married a man from Spain. Sadly, Margareth’s husband died shortly after their marriage, and he left her with lots of money. She later went to Ireland, remarried, and used that money to build bridges. As a token of her kindness, an eagle flew overhead and dropped the ring into her hands.

While we don’t have a definitive answer on the date, all of the stories seem to originate in Ireland, more specifically the Irish fishing village of Claddagh.

Q: What do the crown, the heart, and the hands stand for?

A: The crown stands for loyalty, the hands represent friendship, and the heart naturally symbolizes love. Essentially they’re the factors that form the foundation of any good relationship.

Q: I’ve heard it means something if the ring is pointing one way over another?

A: Good question! Yes, it does mean two entirely different things if the ring is facing away from your body or towards your body. It also means something different depending on which hand you wear it on. Here’s how it breaks down…

Right Hand, Heart Facing Away from Your Body: While you’re open to the possibility of love, your heart is still free. It doesn’t belong to anyone. Essentially, you’re single and looking.

Right Hand, Heart Facing Toward Your Body: Now you’re “Facebook official.” You’re in a relationship, and your heart is no longer out in the open for anyone to come along and try to win over.

Left Hand, Heart Facing Away from Your Body: As you can imagine, once your claddagh ring has been switched to the left hand it means things are getting serious. Your heart belongs to someone. Claddagh rings are often worn like this upon an engagement.

Left Hand, Heart Facing Toward Your Body: This shows that your two hearts have become one. It’s the claddagh equivalent to a wedding ring.

Q: Can men wear claddagh rings too?

A: Claddagh rings are unisex, and they mean the same thing when being worn by either a man or a woman. That said, while the symbol itself is open to either sex the design may not be. A woman’s claddagh ring often contains extra jewels or flare, and men’s tend to be plainer.

Q: Have any celebrities been known to wear claddagh rings?

A: Everyone from politicians to movie stars have been seen wearing these relationship status symbols. Former presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, Jennifer Aniston, John Wayne, Bono, and even Walt Disney!


Tie One On: Bow Belly Button Rings

We’re quick to jump on board with some fashion trends, and others, well… they just take a little getting used to. This is particularly true of trends that are newly surfacing (you know, the ones that aren’t looping back around for the tenth time).

lLike them or not, bows are big.

Like gold and the color purple, the value we have come to associate with bows is symbolic. Men wear them to weddings and work functions, and women find them the perfect accent to any outfit, but if you think about it, why are we so crazy about a  piece of fabric weaved and tied into a particular knot?

Bow ties first appeared during the Prussian wars when mercenaries wore a bow to tie the opening of their shirts together (for those of you who didn’t pay attention in history, that’s the 17th Century). After that, like all major fashion trends, the French adopted the style, and the rest is history.  However, women didn’t start wearing these status symbols until approximately 30 years ago. Not coincidentally, that’s right around the time many women began taking on jobs that were traditionally left to men.

Fast forward to today. It’s a trend that’s been slowly picking up steam for a while now, and with spring on the horizon, looks to be hotter than ever.

Don’t miss out. We’ve rounded up our favs here: Bow Belly Button Rings. Get ready to tie one on.



Country Charm: Belly Bling for the Rough Riders

Photo credit: Fraziermuseum.com

Photo credit: Fraziermuseum.com

It’s no secret that throughout history women have had to work to have same rights as men, and women’s participation in the rodeo has been no exception. Fortunately, that’s where Annie Oakley came in.

Born a no-name girl in Ohio that wanted to break into a “man’s work,” Annie had her work cut out for her. Being the first real woman in rodeo, she wasn’t taken seriously during the beginning of her career. However, as time went on even the boys couldn’t ignore a woman who could handle a gun.

In 1885 Annie Oakley made a name for herself as the famous Buffalo Bill sharpshooter, known for her ability to hit glass balls in air. She not only did her career a favor, she did the little girls who wanted to play with something other than a doll a favor. The rest is history.

Photo credit: sageatelier.com

Photo credit: sageatelier.com

That was over a century ago. Since then, not only have men come to realize (and adore) country girls, but fashion has embraced them as well…

Maybe it was all those hunky country boys, or maybe it was just the thrill of riding a horse, but this year brought back the cowgirl hats, buckles, boots, belts, and bags in a BIG way! So with all of those country clothes, couldn’t you use a little country charm?

Here are some of our favorite country girl accessories:

26072-horse-dangling-belly-ring-w-cz_1_320Horse-Loving Hottie: Nothing says country like the feel of wind blowing through your hair as your horse trots around an open field.  That’s why we love this Horse Danging Belly Ring. You can practically feel the wind as this cubic zarconia horse lifts his legs high to pick up speed.31776-cowgirl-hat-belly-button-ring_1_320

True Country: The Cowgirl Hat Belly Bling goes out to all those ladies who aren’t afraid of a little cowgirl hat hair. Afterall it is a way of life, so show off your support.

31785-country-cowgirl-belly-ring_1_320Country Music Fan: Being country isn’t always about the horses and getting your boots dirty. This Country Cowgirl Belly Ring pays homage to the women who are in it for those story-telling tunes (better yet the ones who can pick up a guitar and go to town themselves).


Can’t decide on just one country belly ring? Our pack of eight country belly button rings is the answer! You’ll have one for every day of the week, plus Saturday night too. Yeeehaw!




Trending: Black Belly Rings

Why do we love the color black?

Emotionally, black signifies power and control. It says we are careful to give up important information or too much of one’s self. In that same sense it also signifies protection, creating a sort of barrier between us and others.

Fashionably, the color black goes with just about any other color and helps us hind any extra holiday weight we may be carrying. Slimming and stylish, what more could you want?

However, while the color black has always been embraced in the world of fashion, lately our love for it has expanded from sweaters and shoes to eye-catching accessories. To celebrate this new trend, here are some highlights from our black bling collection:

image of elegant black belly ringElegant Gemmed Black Belly Ring

We love clear gems. They go with everything, and they can draw your attention to any type of jewelry. This piece is great because black steel really makes clear gems pop. But not only do you get some gem on black action with this belly bling, but you get it times 11! 11 gems, black bling, and ornate details make this piece of jewelry is simply stunning.


image of vintage black belly ringVintage Gem Black Belly Button Ring

It’s all in the name, “vintage.” This naval ring is a modern twist on a classic. Surrounded by 26 clear stones and iridescent crystals, the vintage cut black teardrop gem sparkles with the attention this beauty deserves. Not only that, but there are two large gems to add a little extra flare. This bling is truly for the classic, classy a heart!


image of black dreamcatcher belly ringBlack Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring

Dream catchers are thought to get rid of dark, evil spirits, which is why it’s kind of cool that this dream catcher is black. Never fear though, there are no “evil spirits” involved here. While it does look nice and dark this belly bling is lightened up by two clear gleaming gems. Think of it as a cross between your sweet side and the girl who will do what it takes to get what she wants.


image of faux black pearl belly ringElegant Black Faux Pearl Dangling Belly Ring

Women love two things in their jewelry: diamonds and pearls. Like gems, pearls have a sheer shine to them; however, a pearl’s shine is more subtle. It’s sweet rather than flashy, and there is definitely a time, place, and outfit that fits perfectly with that.



image of black flower belly ringTriple Flower Swirl Belly Ring

This belly ring is the exact opposite of the Elegant gemmed piece. While the former relies on black to provide a solid base for the clear gems, this piece focuses on clear gems and uses black ones as an accent. Sometimes, with some outfits, less is more. The Triple Flower Swirl Belly Bling is great for when you just want a little something to go with an already pretty dark ensemble.



Piercings & Doctor’s Orders: How Does Body Jewelry Affect Medial Tests?

woman with labret and nose hoopThere are 206 bones in the human body. If at any point in your life you break one, odds are that you will need an X-Ray. What if you don’t break a bone? What if you’re just part of over 10 percent of the United States population that suffers from migraines? Odds are good that your doctor is going to want an MRI.

Whether you’re facing these concerns now or you think they will never apply to you, it’s good to know how these tests will affect your jewelry. It’s a good to be proactive about these things, and in this case it’s even easy. We’ve done the research for you…

MRI: MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and in this case the name kind of says it all. Wearing metal jewelry in an MRI can not only ruin the doctor’s test results, but it will also be extremely painful and dangerous for you. Possible complications can be as mild as a 2 or 3-grade irritation on the pain scale to an 8 or 9 burning sensation. For this reason, if you’re going to get an MRI and your piercing is too new to remove the jewelry, follow the doctor’s orders when prepping for this test.

photo: redditweekly

X-Ray: In the past you wouldn’t have been able to keep your body jewelry in while getting an extra, but fortunately modern medicine has come a long way. There are some instances where your doctor will still ask you to remove your jewelry (for example, if he needs to examine an area too close to the piercing), but most of the time it shouldn’t be a problem. As you can see in this image, your bling just shows up as a white figure in the shape of whatever you’re wearing. Can you guess what this girl had pierced?

CT Scan: Head and neck issues and injuries often require a CT scan. For this test, you cannot wear metals or even glass. Why? This test relies on radiation, which causes the jewelry to give off a reflection that can compromise the image. If you’re worried about a new piercing closing up, an acrylic retainer may work, but as with an MRI, it’s best to follow doctor’s orders.

We understand; piercings are a lot of work, and you don’t want to go through the whole process again. Unfortunately, if you’re facing something serious and your doctor insists that you remove your body jewelry, you don’t have much of a choice. Your best bet is to wait to remove your jewelry until right before you have the test done, and put it back in as soon as possible afterwards. Good luck!





We’ve Got You Covered: Valentine’s Day Jewlery

Like it or not Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while there some holidays when you can get away with not having any plans, V-Day isn’t one of them. This poses the sometimes painful question, “What are your plans on February 14?”

Do you and your sweetie have a list of romantic movies on standby? Maybe you don’t have a date, well, at least not a romantic date. Perhaps you and your closest girlfriends get together every year for a “boy bashing” party? Perhaps you’ve decided to ride solo and treat yourself to a night of pampering?

Whatever your plans may be, we’ve got the perfect bling to compliment your evening…

Date Night

image of heart tongue barbell from BellyBling.net

Paris is known for being the city of love, and why not with their contributions to the world? French toast, french fries, and the ever-popular french kiss! This year while you’re trying to tantalize your crush, consider the Pink CZ Heart Tongue Ring. It’s sweet, simple, and draws his attention right where you want it. If that’s not enough, it’s versatile. While the pink heart definitely blends in with all of those candy hearts, you can still where it on dates year-round and it won’t look out of place.


image of love belly button ring from BellyBling.net

The Love Belly Button Ring has a little bit of everything: Gems, calligraphy, and flowers. Not only that, but it’s just plain romantic. The curvy, loopy type is reminiscent of old love letters. Now whether that makes you flash back to your time spent in middle school passing notes to your crush or your grandparent’s correspondence during the war, that’s up to you.



Girls Night

image of heart nose ring from BellyBling.netWhen you don’t have a date, Valentine’s Day doesn’t always seem like a reason to celebrate. Fortunately, Heart Nose Hoop Rings are a nice, subtle accent for the evening. The heart design shows that while you appreciate the spirit of the day, it’s not what you’re all about.



image of outline heart belly ring from BellyBling.netThe Outline Heart Belly Ring, on the other hand, is flashy! For that reason, we recommend wearing it to one of those parties like Jessica Biel’s character throws in the movie Valentine’s Day. The Outline Heart Belly Ring is topped off with a large clear gem, and the heart charm is outlined in several shades of pretty pastel gems.  These pastels are also great because they look good with any of the four colors in the bling (pink, peridot, aqua, and hot pink) and still stand out when you’re wearing black.


Solo and Satisfied

image of heart arrow belly ring from BellyBling.netJust because Cupid missed his mark this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean your heart isn’t open to the possibility of a perfect match. Who knows, maybe this year will be the year? Why not show your optimism with the Heart Arrow Belly Button Ring. Not only do we love the design of this piece, but clear gems go with everything.

No matter what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day there is no reason you shouldn’t be in the holiday spirit.  So go ahead and show off for your date, impress the cutie at the coffee shop, or simply snap a blingin’ selfie for Instagram! And don’t forget the #bellybling

Updated Classics: Opal Body Jewelry

image of classic opal belly ring from BellyBling.netEvery season, every year, without fail there is a new trend to stay on top of. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about fashion, music, television shows, or body jewelry.

To kick off our list of trends in 2014, it’s only fitting to address the bling we’ve seen fly off our virtual shelves: opal body jewelry.

Opals have always captivated us. Well… we shouldn’t say always. It wasn’t until 1960 that these stones were really (and literally) put under the microscope to determine what makes them so special. Just what was the conclusion? A team of scientists discovered that opals contain tiny spheres made from silica gel. Silica contains both water and air, so when light hits the silica (similar to a prism) it gives off all those pretty colors.

Not only are there colors within the opal, but opals themselves can be different colors: Black, white, gray, amber, translucent, green, blue, pink, purple, and virtually any other shade you can think of.

image of opal tongue rings from bellybling.net

And… not only is the coloring of opals pretty cool, they have quite the folklore behind them as well. Back in the day, Europeans believed that opals could become cursed by evil spirits and were thus capable of killing anyone who dared to where that stone. Even further back in time, Romans believed opals to be good luck and actually carried them around in hopes of fortune.

Those are just a few of the tales associated with this stone. Like many things, it all depends how you want to look at it. Do you believe the folklore, and if so which one?

Overtime society seems to have let go of these superstitions, and opals are receiving the recognition they deserve. So if you want to jump on the trend and you agree that these stones are simply stunning, check out our line of opal body jewelry. With tongue rings, belly button rings, and even a labret, we like to think there’s a little something for everyone.



Spring Trend Watch: Crop Tops

Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner (we know it’s hard when there’s so much snow). The first official day is Thursday, March 20- only 66 days, but who’s counting? Us!

Even though you may not be in that warm-weather mind frame yet, it’s time you get there. Fashion is always thinking ahead, and crop tops are coming back next season to avenge all the long layers we’re wearing during the winter months.

Crop tops are great because not only do they allow you to show some skin, but they’re perfect for showing off your belly bling. So to help inspire your spring style, and hopefully warm you up a little bit, we’ve put together a list of our favorite crop top and navel ring combinations.

1For the fancy-at-heart, try a gold knit lurex crop top. Shimmering and stunning, this top from Bloomingdales is a great option for those occasions you’d like to quietly turn a few heads. Now on to our favorite part, the matching bling: Gold Plated Flower and Teardrop Belly Ring. This beauty captures all of the aspects we love about the top; the colors, shine, and gem stones really compliment the shirt.


For the plaid princess we recommend a cropped sleeveless flannel shirt. This one from Urban Outfitters is  light, airy, yet doesn’t lose that homegrown, good girl vibe. Speaking of homegrown, what’s more American than fresh baked cherry pie? Which makes our Triple Red Cherry Belly Button Ring the perfect companion to this country girl style.




For the groovy girl, check out a floral crop top. This one from Forever 21 combines the classic femininity of flowers with an updated, flowing silhouette. To match, our Dangling Triple Flower Gold Belly Button Ring. Like the top, the florals are pretty and dangling chains create a flowy, wispy feel.






For the bold babe, our vote goes for a crop with details. Charlotte Russe’s spiked bar-front crop top is a perfect match for the Dangling Clear Gem Handcuff Belly Ring. This fitted crop top will really bring out those curves, but what’s so fun about the handcuff belly bling? These bad boys actually slide open and closed! After all, why not show the guys that you’re a force to be reckoned with?



For the wild child, try pairing a cropped trapeze cami from with an animal print belly ring. The fun and flirty top from Express features a pretty solid-colored fabric, making it the perfect backdrop for a wild print. While the Pink Leopard Print Belly Bling we show here is a great match, nearly any animal print will bring this cute top to life. It’s purrrrfect.



If you consider yourself a classic cutie, go for the simple.The Three-Quarter-Sleeve Cropped Top from Macy’s is both sexy and sophisticated. Our favorite thing about this top is the fact that it’s so simple, all eyes will be on the belly ring. Our top pick for this crop: a Clear Swarovski Crystal Ferido Belly Ring. How’s that for some belly bling?

Baby Friendly Belly Bling: Pregnancy Belly Button Rings

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then by now you should know that just because you’re a Mom-to-be doesn’t mean you have to give up your belly bling. Like maternity stores help to modify your wardrobe, there are special belly rings you can buy to maintain your pre-pregnancy piercing. We like to think our line of pregnancy belly button rings have three important qualities: comfort, fit, and most importantly: style!

Comfortable belly rings

image of flexible belly button ring from bellybling.netFor those first weeks into your pregnancy and the weeks after baby arrives, stock up on our flexible belly rings. We’ve got them in stripes, checks, and more, all in multi-packs so you can have a new one every day of the week. It’s the lightweight, Bioflex plastic design that makes them super comfortable, but it’s the bold colors that make them oh so fun.

Adjustable belly rings

image of pregnancy belly button ringNext up: fit. You need bling that can adjust and stick it out for those nine exciting months with you. Our current fav: the Adjustable Double Hearts belly ring. Not only is this belly bling pretty, but there is a sweet symbolism that comes with the double hearts design; one for you, and one for your soon-to-be bundle of joy. It’s a simple, romantic twist on the slightly overdone “Baby on board.” Plus, unlike that yellow sign, these pregnancy belly button rings go great with any outfit!

Stylish belly rings

You’re already (temporarily) giving up your beloved skinny jeans and favorite tee, so you deserve to rock out with bling.

adjustable pregnancy belly button rings from bellybling.netHow about choosing one that answers the question on everyone’s minds: “Is it a boy or a girl?” The Pink Heart Dangling Belly Ring is a sweet simple way of saying you can’t wait to welcome her into the world. Keeping the she/he secret to yourself? Go for the clear star belly ring and keep them guessing.


image of bellybling.net belly button ring / pregnancy belly ringReady to show off? We’ve got ‘em. A few or our top picks: the Hypoallergenic Belly Ring Channel Gems and the  Heart Hypoallergenic Belly Button Ring. Both are designed to stand out and grab attention! With dangling gems, these pregnancy belly button rings are not meant to be hidden.


The best part about all of these pregnancy belly button rings? Unlike maternity jeans, you’ll want to keep wearing these long after those nine months are over.

Trend Alert: Hunting Belly Button Rings

Deer season may be coming to a close in many areas, but unlike your trophy shots, the spirit is still alive and well! We get it. So while you wait for next fall to roll around, why not show your love for the game with some hunting belly button rings?

Whether you’re a camo queen or simply the best shot in town, we’ve got the perfect piece.

Camo Belly Button Rings

Hunting belly button rings: Pink Camo Belly Button Ring from BellyBling.netFor the girly hunter, we’ve got a Pink Camo Belly Button Ring. You obviously won’t be baring your belly (or your belly bling) while you’re out in the field, so it doesn’t matter if the camo coloring blends into the great outdoors. That said, why not mix it up and throw your feminine personality in there?


Camo Belly Ring from bellybling.netSometimes you just can’t beat classic camouflage for camo rings, and for those times we have the plain-Jane Camo Belly Button Ring. What’s doubly nice about this bling is its classic camo mixed with the classic barbell style. There is a reason that the camo pattern and barbell bling have withstood the test of time, and you can’t lose when you combine the two.


image of fancy camo belly button ring from bellybling.netThe Fancy Camo Belly Ring is the best of both worlds; it’s ladylike and true to tradition. This camo ring is still various shades of browns and greens, but it’s outlined in pretty, sparkly clear gems. This navel ring is the perfect accent to transform your hunting trip into a date night.


Gun Belly Rings

gun belly ring from bellybling.net

While this probably isn’t the type of gun you take hunting, if you were asked to literally symbolize a “shooting” star the Gun Belly Button Ring with Dangling Bullet and Black Star would be it. In hunting there’s no points for almost, and there’s no second place. It’s all about hitting your mark and that couldn’t be done without the bullet (a detail you don’t see in a lot of bling).


image of machine gun belly ring from bellybling.netHere’s another one for the girly girl. If you loved the pink camo, you’re going to love the matching pink Machine Gun Belly Button Ring. Again, we realize you aren’t going to take a machine gun hunting (that would be a pretty unfair advantage, not to mention illegal). However, with all those pretty pink gems we’re willing to let that detail slide!


Deer Hunting Belly Button Rings

image of deer hunting belly button ring from bellybling.netAt long last we’ve come to the reason for the season, deer. This Deer Belly Button Ring really captures the whole point of hunting – that trophy shot, the ultimate souvenir, the antlers. This belly bling is simple, and that’s what makes it so stunning. All of your attention is put on that charm, just like all of your attention is put on that deer in the woods.